The Frontier Lord Begins with Zero Subjects

Dias finally returns home after decades of war. He’s hailed a hero and promptly rewarded with his own domain…which turns out to be little more than empty plains. Population: zero. Dias, who has only ever known battle, finds himself at a loss. How is he supposed to survive, let alone cultivate his territory into a thriving, prosperous dominion when there’s nothing but grass as far as he can see?

Fortunately for Dias, a horned girl by the name of Alna is about to show him there’s more to the plains than meets the eye!

Associated Names –
Ryoumin 0-nin Start no Henkyou Ryoushusama
Frontier Lord Starts Out With a Population of 0

Genre –
Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club 

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Comments 7

  • MC with devil luck , This actually pretty enjoyable for me .

    And not everyone in the world is the sh*tty type/nobles is nice .

  • Someone described the MC as Forrest Gump with muscle and damn they were right.
    The MC is unbelievably stupid. So Stupid it actually hurts. That idiot is 35 until 10 he actually had parents and 5 years he survived on the streets as orphan doing whatever job he could find after that war and bam 20 years as soldier.
    No Joke nothing in this novel makes any sense uneducated is one thing but to be thiss clueless about literally everything after 20 years as a soldier is just plain bullshit.

    I don´t Know why japanese people always have to be so extrem why can´t a MC be just normally intelligent why always an absolute genius or stupidity incarnate?

    I literally couldn´t bear to go further than 3 chapters because it was just to much for me. If you are like me and hate stupid MCs just don´t waste your time.

  • Welp surprisingly good to be honest if you love village building stuff then this is for you
    <3chill to read pretty decent to be honest<3.

  • Read up to Vol 1

    Interesting take on the newly popular “building a village” theme.

    The MC is …quite well acting like the character he is supposed to be (Orphan with good intentions and actions, joined in a war, became war-hero without really getting it, has little education or smarts, but a fair bit of experience along the way) and is surprisingly wielding an axe, armor and little else.

    MC (35-ish) gets a way younger bride in Vol 1, but is quite clearly not than keen on consummating the marriage till she´s older. (Adding this there because people have issues with this kind of trope relating to actual medieval time cultures)

    The general feel of the writing is decent, its kinda going into the “everything is well in the end” progression as far as i can tell, and there are some subverted expectations along the way.

    So far its a 7 out of 10.

    • It is noteworthy to add that the sheep on the cover are characters.
      And very important to the plot, due to their wool and fluffiness.
      They also serve as emotional support sheep as well as cuddle-pillows.

      They are very good sheep.

    • The MC is 100 percent a Forrest Gump with muscles. Overall too nice for his own good while being a mentally challenged. To balance that his luck stat in life is like 100.

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