Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke: This Time I’m Gonna Tell Her How I Feel!

In the popular anime Shuya Marionette, there is a character whom everyone looks upon with scorn: the so-called “Piggy Duke,” third son of Duke Denning and a student of Kirsch Mage Institute. This can only spell doom for the current Slowe Denning, who knows he’s been reincarnated into the world of that anime as said villain!

There is a ray of hope, however. If he uses his in-depth knowledge of the anime and his unparalleled power as a master of all the elements, surely Slowe can gain popularity with his peers and change his fate! Perhaps this time, he can make the one small wish that never came to fruition in the anime come true: to become a man worthy of Charlotte, his retainer, and to confess his love to her!

Associated Names
Buta Koushaku ni Tensei Shitakara, Kondo wa Kimi ni Suki to Iitai
Piggy Duke Want to Say Love to You
Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You

Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life

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Comments 31

  • Simp Protagonist and Useless Heroines, the kind where her only purpose in the story is to become a damsel in distress. If you like those then this is for you.

  • Ln is axed, WN is still ongoing

  • Damn it got axed like two years ago? Man i just started reading this gem ,well might as well finished it it’s just such a shams i hope atleast maybe it will get an anime in the future tho idk about that considering it get axed.

  • Pig that, pig this. Frankly I’m getting sick of that word that they repetitively use so much, that it gets painful every time I see it.

  • i just looked at my illustrations folder, I checked vol 10 illusts and the last image, has that kind of axed feeling and look to it. you know how knights and magic manga was axed? no? well check it out then and if you have other examples. do try and compare it. well it’s a letdown, i didn’t think the hint was actually in my folder all this time…… I wish it would continue on though, till the end. well there’s still hope that I was wrong about this…….I definitely wish I was wrong though.

  • ohhhh i hate this author. fucking hell. why does he loves cliffhanger sooooooooooo dang much. why? just why? i came reading vol 8 because the thing with dustour (the war) is over so I was thinking that maybe, hey! this volume wouldn’t be so bad right? and you know how it is since I finished the volume, IT WAS GREAT. IT WAS SO GOOD. until that shitty fucking author just had to drop that bomb at the end of it. WHY? OH GOD, JUST WHY?

  • The author basically chose to disregard 5 volumes worth of development for an asinine reason.

    What the actual fuck?…

  • I still can’t believe that this will get an official translation. I’m curious on novelupdates info about it got discontinued on volume 10 and on Anilist it said it already ended on that volume. WN is still ongoing

    • pretty sure it loses sells rate, the fact that wn is still ongoing but LN isnt implies something must’ve happened. unless they recover it back by doing advertisement through anime, or other media, vol 11 will never come out. you can see this with death march, 26 volumes of LNs and still ongoing, death march is pretty much on different level and footing than piggyduke. although if its true vol 10 is the end of it, that charlotte will never get her happy ending with slowe, then that would be a confirmed axed. dunno if JNC picking this up knowing that in mind or not, but im still grateful for it if they did.
      if im wrong please just kindly correct me, cmiiw.

    • It didnt sell well in Japan, so it didnt continue, it didnt get cancel because they hope to gain traction at some point to continue, but yeah I am absolutely disappointed with japanese bros who prefer to spend money on isekai op mc with a harem number 10367 than an original setting.

      • Nothing about this sounds original in the slightest. I admittedly haven’t read it yet, but just based on the description and comments I’ve seen about it from here and other places, I fail to see how this is different from any other isekai harem OP protagonist, in a way that would make it stand out above the rest

        • i forgot the reason I fell in love with this novel, but im pretty sure the first time I touched on this series was from reading the manga. anyway, don’t you know that this novel has been out for a long time? well it started out from 2016, and during that time, there hasn’t been much series and stories like it, Im sure by now many if not dozens of “any other isekai harem OP protagonist” already came out, and that might make this series slowly aging into people’s mind both new and old to be “that” kind of series. Try see it from different perspective, novel don’t just get popular or “stand out above the rest” for no reason.

  • vol 6, why did he get fat again? did I miss something?

    yeah, just shit over 5 volume worth of development, I stopped reading immediately.

    you see, the more I like a story the more I hate it for when something like this happen, I found it so disrespectful.

    • Wtf?! Did they seriously do that? This was such a let down if that’s the case. This series pretty much lost all my respect now with that kind of development. So 6 volumes in and he is still a fat Piggy with low self confidence. Guess this goes in to my dropped list now.

  • Yes, he looks like a pig, the novel doesn’t need to remind every second line.

    The guy just got his body stolen by the typical Isekai protagonist, there’s no need to constantly insult him every moment.

  • Great Novel, I enjoyed reading it very much, I cant wait for the next volume


  • I read the first vol but I don’t find myself motivated to keep on reading. I can already smell things stagnating. It’s called the piggy duke but he’s losing weight so there’s a conflict coming in that so it’s probably going “the Gilligan’s island” way. Always trying to get of the island but never succeeding. His “secret identity” is also already blown so no more “surprise this pig is actually strong”. He’s also stuck in place at school so no new places where people don’t know.

    • Basically every Isekai novel.

    • Gave the second volume a go recently. Well at least they went to a new place, a neighboring town and only for a short wile but that short wile got dragged out over the entire volume. Very little substantial happened. A bit of a struggle to get trough the whole thing. Most of the volume is about him getting reacquainted with his ex fiancé; and there we have it, the beginning of harem crap. Disappointing as he was supposed to be all in for that one girl. You know the whole reason he became fat (why he also started snorting like a pig is never explained).

  • Wtf is happening in vol 2 after alicia and mc left alone in the inn room?

  • thanks for the volume 3!

  • something is missing…. in vol 2 there is an illustration depicting Charlotte and TIna at bath scrubbing each other, its Lines is not anywhere in the LN.. did it get censored or something? or is it still incomplete?

  • volume two is out, when will it be on the site?

  • Sounds like a straight version of I’m In Love With the Villainess

  • when is vol. 2 coming out?

  • Thanks for translating this novel.

    I’ve wanted to read it for quite some time.

  • Oh, finally

  • Been wanting to read this.
    Though it sounds like X anime watcher get put in mc body.

    But both memories exist. Its the og minds will feelings and reason still exist.

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