The Undead King’s Reign of Peace


When a black-robed skeleton shows up at Mira’s door in the dead of night, the last thing she expects is for him to cure her fatal infection! Her nighttime visitor is Undead King Terios, who soon finds himself feeding and teaching the peasant children he saved from disease during a chance encounter. With guidance from this terrifying yet kindhearted skeleton, Mira blossoms into an apprentice magic user. But will her idyllic world shatter when the nobility sends a squad of knights to eradicate the “skeletal menace”? This is the legend of an Undead King who aims to conquer the world without taking a single human life!

Genre –
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Seinen

Translation Group
Official Yen Press ver

Vol 1 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 1

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Comments 7

  • Interesting enough but at best okay, not necessarily bad but not good either. Personally as far as the first volume goes, leaning towards the bad side but curiousity has left me reading through the volume.

    The novel also casually throws some sensitive topics and words of which I assume is an attemp at gags but personally find it displeasing and not remotely even impressive. Benefit of the doubt to them given how the medieval ages are but otherwise, simply bad writing. Particularly like how a “Torio” character just says pervert or so that might not be that much but I personallu find to be stupid and pathetic, though calling it stupid and pathetic might even be a compliment. Same with the black cat, which is just more so annoying olus can get old fast.

  • He looks like a boomer with the retro glasses but seems interesting especially since I just finished overlord

  • Genre:seinen,action,magic,drama,fantasy

  • can’t see genres

  • This is nice.
    But one thing in advance for anyone wanting to read this:
    The first chapter poses waaay more questions than it answers and at least i, felt a bit restless after reading it, wanting answers to those questions.

  • Seems interesting

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