Category «LN Fest Series»

LN Fest 2020

This is a yearly competition that JLN organizes. In this, you can submit your original light novels, so we got 4 entries this year 1st Entry Title: Beyond the Freezing Point Author: nomeiji Genre: Tragic, Apocalypse, Action, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy Synopsis: What if the snow never stopped falling? The second ice age has come and …

Life on the Edge

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be cast out by your own family? No? How about having nowhere else to go? Also no?Fine, then how about living your「Life on the Edge」?This is the story of a thief, whose tales would go throughout Altea. He, Okii Imara, had been robbing the entire economy of …

Red Wolf’s Tale

Renmur is a man with no one and nothing to live for. After getting killed he finds himself back in the past before his world was destroyed. Renmur, with the power of a mysterious time demon, now struggle to find a way to protect everything he loves before he loses it all again. Genre:Action, Fantasy, …

Playing Cupids

Sypnosis: A weird name, a weirder lady and the weirdest bunch. Teachers with a one-sided love. A rich man with a poor brain. A man with a rich brain but poor. An outcast and an extrovert playing cupid!   Genre: Romance, Comedy   Story – Original By Shrewd   Vol-1 epub/pdf (EPUB/PDF any Selected or full) …

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