A Late-Start Tamer’s Laid-Back Life

The Law of Justice Online, also known as LJO, is the hottest new VRMMORPG of the season, and office worker Yuta Sasaki is one of the lucky few granted access to the official launch. After some careful research, Yuta is chomping at the bit to start his virtual life as a Tamer, a class that harnesses the powers of wild monsters. Luckily, upon building his character, Yuta manages to land not only his chosen class, but a heap of bonuses to boot! He soon finds, however, that his abilities are not all they’re cracked up to be, and that the talents of the rare first monster he is granted lie not in combat…but gardening! Already well behind the other adventurers, and facing a long and slow progression path ahead of him, Yuta is left with two choices—start over from scratch, or make the best of what he has been given. For Yuta the choice is obvious: When life gives you manure…start up a farm!

Associated Names –
Deokure Tamer no Sonohigurashi
The Life and Times of a Late Bloomer Tamer
The Daily Life of the Late Bloomer Tamer

Genre –
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Seinen, Shounen

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-9 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 9

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  • This is a great one for me . Loved everything so far . Just when i thought the routine of other players gets annoying , the author changed it up with a nice timing .

    Btw is there any novel similiar to this ?

    • Only Sense Online
      Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy
      Infinite Dendrogram
      Free Life Fantasy Online
      In the Land of Leadale (to some extend)

      And there are a few more. But many are either just available as fan translation (web novel) or in hiatus.

      • Thanks . I’ve read OSO manga , and i have to say it’s kinda … forgettable and bland . Maybe because of it’s overused femboy MC jokes .

        Not many amusing/unique interaction between player-NPC too even though it’s supposed to have advanced AI in the setting .

  • thought i should give a feedback now that there’s a new volume. I gave up after a couple of volumes, but not because it isn’t good, but mostly just because I got bored. Since it’s slow, I put this on hold whenever there are other things to read, and after a while, i just sort of lost interest. since it’s more of a laid back slice of life, and VR, there has been almost zero stakes at play, and it’s most just reading about the other ppl’s reaction to the things MC has been doing, and being the MC, of course he does things out of the ordinary and becomes popular. Pretty par of the course for this genre I suppose, but it also means that there’s nothing keeping me all that invested in the series. Of course they can raise the stakes by going that “that VR world is actually another real life world/dimension route”, which in itself is also cliche as hell. I don’t think the writing is bad if you enjoy this genre, but I just kinda don’t…

  • Vol 8 out, pls update 🙏

  • no please author no op no taming on the side this rhythm now is perfect (1-2) monster tamed a volume otherwise it is not this popular treasure or something with luck only he can do in a server

  • I like this leisure VRMMORPG (crafting) novels. I wasn’t so sure about this one at first, the premise sounded a tad boring, and granted, many of them are.
    The MC is an office worker who takes a month off to play the new VRMMORPG and decides for a tamer class. Since he has no fighting ability he is shocked to find his (garden) gnome starter monster to be incapable of fighting as well after setting the record and earning a title for dying three times in a row during the first few hours. So he has no choice but to start a farm since that’s the thing his gnome is perfect for.

    Since he takes on all the odd job quests like collecting trash in town that no other player wants to do he gets quite a few titles and the envy of other players who soon want to be like him.

    As all novels, there is nothing laid back about playing, in fact the MC’s gaming time is filled to the brim with work, farming, alchemy, cooking and yes, also a bit of fighting and leveling. Honestly I always wonder how the MC’s manage all that, in reality a person would be totally burned out after a week of such work.
    Also, yes, like all those novels it takes a lot of “freedom” with typical (MMO)RPG rules and many things in the game are set up to reward the non-fighters.

    However it has a good mix of exploring / fighting and slice of live so it doesn’t get boring.

    • @ Spiritogre, Stardew Valley exist and very popular, people do love doing virtual farming at virtual farm and doing some other mundanes activities virtually.

      Authors who wrote these kinds of novel about underrated and unpopular classes and questes didnt understand about typical gamer’s grinding mindset at all.

      • I think they do understand about gamers who love grinding and simple mundane tasks like plowing a field. The difference ist, this is a VR game so it is actual physical labour and the time and size of a field can’t that much shortened and smaller then the real world unlike typical games were the fields are very tiny.

  • Quite a lot of tamer stuff lately, never really got the appeal. It’s fine to do some taming at the side but as a main profession? Lame.

  • I’m so gonna flip is this turns into some op mc tagged novel later

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