The Epic Tale of the Reincarnated Prince Herscherik

The life of Ryoko Hayakawa, a hard-core otaku, came to an abrupt end the day before her 35th birthday, before she was reincarnated as a beautiful prince in a fantasy world. However, her dream-like royal life didn’t last long, as she soon uncovered the depths of politics and corruption of her kingdom. To protect the king and his people, Ryoko, reincarnated as Prince Herscherik, resolved to conquer the darkness within his country. The problem was, the prince had no physical strength or magical powers, and even his stunning looks were surpassed by every other member of the royal family. Still, the prince persevered, using the skills he acquired during his previous life—the experience of an office worker, Ryoko’s drive for change, and her otaku brain.

Associated Names

Isekai, Fantasy, Gender Bender

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Official J-novel club

Vol 1-5 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 5

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  • hmm you say, file size is excessive
    is it because you don’t have a hard disk or SD card to store your LN collection ?

    Images are not bloated, it’s what we call “original”, on top of it you are downloading a premium version ……..I am pretty sure I don’t need to explain what “premium” means right?

    So the problem is not the size of the file, you are the problem here
    and only you can fix that

  • I would like to thank you guys for uploading this.
    I have to confess that I just checked because I wanted something different (albeit familiar) to read and did not expect the twist in the story.

    I thought it would be the same harem kind of story, but it got serious and interesting the more one reads.

    I will be checking this out in the future.

    Once more, thanks.

  • Omg like this series so much
    Keep update if the new volume is out plsss!!!!! Ty very very very much