Nia Liston – The Merciless Maiden

A great hero lies undefeated on her deathbed, regretting that she never found a foe who could take her down. She never intended to meet her fate anywhere other than on the battlefield, and her peaceful demise has her wishing desperately that things could have been different…

But when she suddenly comes to in the body of the young, frail Nia Liston, she’s got an all-new fight ahead of her. Nia is a sickly child, meaning she has a long way to go before she’s in fighting form. Now that she’s been given a second shot at life, however, she’s determined to get what she wants. She’s going to live—and die—for battle this time! Make way for the Merciless Maiden!

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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Comments 9

  • vol 2 pleaseeeee

  • as stated by anon, the story itself betrays the synopsis and it seems the mc just kinda forgets about her main goal half of the time, or, well, i guess she doesn’t, considering she keeps sizing everyone up every time she meets a new character

    i’d say the issue lies in her lack of proactivity in following the path she set out for and the way she just kinda goes with the flow, which makes a bit of sense considering save for her bloodlust, her identity from her previous life is pretty much gone

    regardless, i feel like the setting is kinda all over the place, and the mc is too passive, i’m not a big fan of these weird sci-fi/fantasy amalgamation settings, i seldom see them executed well (there are exceptions), and this one felt particularly weird with just how much emphasis was put on the entire magivision thing

    like, wasn’t she meant to be a bloodthirsty warlord searching for a place to die? why did she spend so much time doing completely unrelated shit? we get to see a bit of blood eventually but it felt like an afterthought…

  • If you’re coming here expecting what’s written on the synopsis–a story about a powerful warrior reincarnated into the body of a little girl and becoming a battle-crazed little girl–you won’t find it here. For some reason, the author decided that it’s really important to have a subplot about her appearing on a TV show for almost the entire volume. Pretty much nothing happens in v1, the entire read is one big disappointment that doesn’t even deliver on its premise.

    Also, the writing is really stiff and weirdly dry. I don’t know if it’s J-Novel’s translation or what, but it just feels awkward to read. Don’t waste your time here.

  • the plot and whole volume just feels a bit weird to me. the summary, the intro all makes it seem like it’s going to be someone reincarnating into a little girl and becoming strong, having lots of fight. but then it just pivots into something else… with the fighting part becoming just a side thing. but even that aside… the characters all feel a bit one-dimensional to me, and maybe it’s going for a more comedic approach, because the way other characters react to FMC’s antics are weird to me as well. the thing that makes me unsure if it’s going for a comedic approach or not, is because i haven’t found anything that’s amusing to me. this could just be that it doesn’t gel with my own sense of humour of course.

  • Didn’t think this would end up with a light novel when I heard about it awhile ago. Thought it’d exclusively be a manga.

  • this one has an actual tittle and not a summary of the story

    I am gonna give it a chance just because of that

  • Why do I immediately think that Liam Nelson got reincarnated and genbend from the title?

  • Read up to Vol 1;

    Surprisingly decent read. Okay-Good writing, same for characters and plot.

    So far, no hidden plots and “OMG its all preordained by evil deity” stuff has appeared, and unlike many other LNs with similar premise, the MC is perfectly competent yet not an airhead or mono manically focused on only fighting the strongest possible enemies to the detriment of everything else.

    In short, its a streamlined, good enough LN so far about powerful non-isekaied MC reincarnating and having fun.

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