The Exiled Noble Rises as the Holy King – Befriending Fluffy Beasts and a Holy Maiden with My Ultimate Cheat Skill!

Noah used to have it good as the son of a duke. But when the almighty state religion excommunicates him, he’s suddenly tossed into a monster-infested forest in the middle of nowhere! Young an inexperienced, his odds of survival are grim. His only hope is if he can master his unique “Holy King” skill, which gives him the power to recruit monsters and humans alike—and make their skills his own.

Thankfully, Noah’s a natural-born leader in the making. He quickly assembles a whole host of fluffy underdog friends, and he’s now determined to build them a safe haven away from civilization. Lying low, however, won’t be easy with the Church of Astral’s best assassin on his trail. The Holy Maiden of Swords is out for blood, and the one thing that might stop her in her tracks is…falling in love at first sight?!

In a magical world where nothing is certain, can Noah learn who to trust? Will his curious “Holy King” skill be a gateway to glory or a tragic fall? Find out in this fun-filled adventure!

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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Comments 2

  • When’s vol 2 gonna get uploaded 😅

  • Read up to Vol 1

    Its a nice read.
    Writing and theme are somewhat to closely similar to the “Cave king” LN, but in a much less restrictive setting and theme.

    Generally going for the “status screen shows up a lot” trope in the first volume, its not that bad compared to other titles (Looking at you, slime), and the writing is mostly decent.
    And while a powerful organization is after the MC, the world itself sees to be not full of assholes, which is also a decent thing.

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