Isekai Tensei: Recruited to Another World

After waking up at his own funeral, Tenma Otori gets a second chance at life when a god from another world presents him with an enticing offer: if Tenma agrees to be reincarnated in order to save their dying world, the gods will bestow cheat abilities upon him. Tenma accepts, and is reborn in a lush fantasy world filled with demi-humans, magic spells and items, monsters, mysterious forests, and more! As he grows, more of his gods-given powers and abilities—including his unique power to befriend adorable monsters like slimes and baby wolves—are revealed to his adoptive parents, two former master adventurers, and his grandfather, a famous wizard. But one fateful day, three mysterious strangers shatter the tranquility of Tenma’s village by trying to kidnap him, and that’s where Tenma’s adventure really begins…

Associated Names
Isekai Tensei no Boukensha
The Adventurer Reincarnated into Another World

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life, Tragedy

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Comments 22

  • When will vol 7 be uploaded?

  • after trying a number of times to finish up vol 6 after pausing (due to things being just a bit too boring), decided to just give up. the last few volumes has been a bit of a slog to me anyway. I know it’s slice of life, but the MC isn’t particular likeable to me, so it’s kinda hard to care that much about what goes on in his life. he feels…. kinda robotic in recent volumes. the tournament arc for one was sooo boring. the initial few volumes were not too bad though, but looking back, i wonder how much of it was just because it was a new series and the “tragedy” aspect of it at the beginning.

  • Vol 6 is out, thanks for the novels :]

  • Volume 5 is supposed to be out. Thanks for everything you do!

  • Volume 04 has so many stupid mistakes it seems like it was never proofread, Aina and Aura are constantly mixed up, and there is even a spot where down is in place of done, if this is truly from J-Novel Club, they need better proofreaders.

  • thanks for this But LN Epub starts from chapter 4, where is the beginning please

    • never mind this comment sorry i was being an idiot, lmao i forgot each volume is in chapters so This would be Chapter 4 as Volume 3 was chapter 3
      Sorry lol

  • Please update this to Volume 4. Thank you for all the novels!

  • could we get vol 4 plz it just came out and thank you for all your hard work

  • When I started the 2nd volume I was very disappointed, since there was such a huge gap after the ending of the first volume, killing off so many “important” people. After reading further the main story really takes off, though. In other words, the first volume is more like a prologue, an introduction of sorts and once I got over that I really started to enjoy the actual story starting in vol. 2 and 3.

  • Vol 3 is out, please update

  • just a little bit of information, a bit of spoiler but not harmful , it wont ruin your cup of tea.
    the WN version is progressing quite very well. sometime in the future the MC will get married. so no, the mc wont stay a kid forever, although its far in the future, just in case you think this novel isnt worth it just because of how it is, there you go.

  • Volume 1 a pretty decent read, 6.9/10.

    The pacing is good. Little to no inflation except for the last 40 or so pages which contains nothing but a flashback of “gramps’s” life before it got to the start of the book (would have been better as a prologue but shorter or jus not include it at all). That was disappointing you think nice still a good chunk of story to go and then you get that. At least it wasn’t a boring piece of extra but also disappointing that it stops right at the part where it gets interesting namely the point at which he meets Tenma, it would have been more fun for such an extra piece to reflect the perspective of gramps during the main story and maybe a bit of what ended up happening to him after the disaster.

    The first volume also could have been longer. The cut off point is dissatisfying.

    • Nearly done with vol 2. It wasn’t very good. There is this big gap between vol 1 and 2. We suddenly find the main character 3 years in the future skipping over a few of the more interesting bits like his first experiences with a new town, his first experiences with the adventurers guild. There are also the triplets he suddenly is friends with out of nowhere. We don’t see anything on his development really he’s showing a few interesting golems he developed but again out of nowhere. I also could have done with a bit of a refresher, I have no idea what the magic system was like, I would have to reread the first volume to figure that out, there are hardly any reminders or anything. At some point he gets these power limiting bracelets but it’s kinda gibberish if you don’t remember how the magic system was set up in this series. The guy’s also pretty darn violent at times. I feel like that doesn’t really mesh with the overall comedic tend of the volume.

      I guess I’ll give it a mere 5.5 at this point.

  • For the first volume, the pacing is somewhat rushed.

    However, this LN reads like a good combination/inspired by “Grace of the Gods” and a few other LN with a reincarnated Isekai MC.

    Its so far mostly okay, but the “Tragedy” tag is correct.

    Though it is, with only Vol 1 out, not slapping the reader in the face with sudden/cruel shit like other LN.

    • thanks for that, i fell for that tragedy tag 2 months ago of reading another novel series, it took me quite sometime to get rid of my depression.

    • The author of this must had read “The Faraway Paladin”. Had a fighter for the adopted father, a healer/priestess for the mother, and even a wizard for the grandfather that teaches him magic. Then throw in a whole bunch of LN tropes like a slim and a Fenrir for his companion creatures. Of course he invents new magic based on his knowledge of modern tech like bullets.

  • Wait a minute. This ain’t Mushoku Tensei.

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