Making Jam in the Woods: My Relaxing Life Starts in Another World

What Awaits Her In Another World Is Delicious Food And A Relaxing Life Surrounded By Spirits!

Margaret’s life is cut short when she gets into a fatal accident at her workplace, except instead of the afterlife, she finds herself in another world! She’s rescued from the brink of death by an elderly retired noblewoman who lets Margaret live at her mansion. What awaits her there is a stark contrast to her previous life: relaxed and laid-back countryside living! Sure, there’s the whole fact that she was summoned to this world as a special being known as a Spirit Caller, but she couldn’t care less as long as she gets to eat delicious food! She’s going to get a fresh start taking life slow in this new world filled with magic and spirits!



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Official Cross Infinite World

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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Comments 2

  • pretty comfy slice of life with some hints of an slightly interesting plot in the back ground. FMC hinted at to have some powers, but not much is mentioned. it’s kinda slow overall. kinda in line with the title of “relaxing” i guess, but then FMC barely makes much jam in volume 1, it was never really the focus, and it seems to just be normal jam. So kinda weird for “Making Jam in the Woods” to be the title of the book, but I guess you gotta have something different to bait ppl in aside from just “Cooking”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Read up to Vol 1

    Its a nice, comfortable read.
    It reminds me somewhat of Kuma Kuma bear bear and the “Plotting from the lap of the dragon kind.something” LNs, without the overpowered MC status or the overpowered gifts, at least so far.

    It is a comfortable and enjoyable read with actually okay romance and not the airheaded/denseness from other LN, as well as more of a family-friendly romance and happiness theme than anything else.
    There are still themes about the MC having a special power and place, but unless its a complete 180 further down the line, its decently fun.

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