Modern Dungeon Capture Starting with Broken Skills

Monster-filled dungeons have recently appeared in our world. When average office worker Mizuki Ryousuke gets transferred to the Japanese countryside, by the time he gets there, the office is gone and a dungeon’s sitting in its place! He finds a number of odd things when he ventures inside, like a fairy about to be eaten by goblins and a mysterious skill book that allows him to turn skills–even overpowered ones–into cards so he can use them at will! Rumors of Mizuki and his broken skills spread, and requests for him to hunt down rare items in other dungeons pour in. Where will Mizuki’s new career take him next?

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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Comments 9

  • The Main Character is an oblivious idiot. He is petulant and demanding but at t he same time a coward with heart of glass. He only becomes brave when the author wants him to be and outside of the dungeon, he’s a complete pushover.

    Damn. The writing and plot is good but the MC is just unbearable. No normal adult thinks nor talks like that. He’s more or less just the oblivious ‘senpai’ rather than the competent ‘ojii-san’.

  • There is a mistake in the epub version of the book where the first image is referenced twice in the html code instead of referencing the first then the second image. If you use an ebook editor such as Calibre, you can see the missing image is included within the file but not referenced.

  • Reading Vol 1 at the moment.

    Its decent enough writing and MC is decent enough BUT
    MC is either skillfully incompetent or in complete denial, going by the writing.
    MC works in sales, securities and asset investment banking, but is unable to comprehend that a foreigner, dressed in completely exotic garb, is not a “foreign cosplayer who speaks perfect japanese” but a visitor from the other site of the dungeons, for example.
    While talking to that person, MC never even thinks to ask “were are you from, america?” or anything.

    While the writing is decent so far, and only a slight inspiration from the other “dungeons appear in real world” LNs, this level of obvious denial or stupidity in a “meant to be competent enough” MC is annoying.

    • To add to this:
      The MC knows that people coming over from the other side of the dungeon is perfectly possibly, being accompanied by one. He also sees things about the “foreigner from somewhere abroad” that do not fit in, like the total lack of understanding about technology, a status screen that fits only elite adventurers (but the foreigner is completely unknown to him) as well as the guy only able to pay in literal GOLD instead of currency.

      Additionally, while the MC´s skill and interactions are interesting;
      The male dungeon monster spawns want to **** human women 100% of the time, which is kind of a boring trope.
      And at the end of Vol 1 is a cliffhanger about a literally world ending threat.

      Its more or less okay, but i´d give it a 5/10 after reading Vol 1.

      • well thank you very much so the guy is despite being an adult the same kind of idiot that every other trash novel also uses. meaning I can waste my time elswher. The only thing I hate more than stupid male highschool MC are stupid male Adult MCs.

        • I disagree with Commenter. The MC isn’t an idiot he is a well educated and well behaved adult with his heart in the right place. The only reason he doesn’t recognize the otherworlder’s might be a tad for the story, granted, that might come over as a bit dumb, paying with gold was a big giveaway, but it doesn’t take away that much in the end.
          After all the elite dungeon explorer from England is also wearing “cosplay” all the time since that’s her armor-set and she doesn’t know much about Japan as well. And heck, not everyone knows how to setup a PC. Also they’re the only humans from another world, MC doesn’t know that humans might exist there, the person he knows is a little fairy that got stuck in the dungeon when it transferred to our world.

          • So these dungeons got transferred from another world with occasional humans in it while it happened or is there an active connection to this other world like both worlds can have a dungeon entrance to the same dungeon?

          • @King This is kind of a spoiler but according to the theory of the dragon the otherworld got destroyed and just the people inside of the dungeon survived since it got transported to another world. There is a bit more to it (all speculation by the dragon inside the dungeon) but I won’t tell here.

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