The World’s Strongest Rearguard – Labyrinth Country’s and Dungeon Seekers

A heavily overworked businessman takes a nap on a bus headed to a corporate retreat. He awakens in a fantastic labyrinth city, immediately being informed that he has been reincarnated after dying in a bus accident and must work as a dungeon seeker.

Confused, the former businessman heads to the registration point to get his job, only to be hit with two huge and horrible surprises: The first is that his pushy boss lady who had worked him to the point of collapse in his former life has also reincarnated here. The second his job received from registration is unknown and unreadable—no one will party with him and will treat him like an invalid if they find out this secret!

He is forced to hire a sub-human mercenary to party with him, and things will only get worse from there as he is forced to confront the deadly nature of his new, reincarnated, occupation.

Associated Names –
Sekai Saikyou No Kouei Meikyuukoku No Shinjin Tansakusha
World’s Strongest Rearguard: The Novice Seeker of Labyrinth Country
World’s Strongest Rearguard: Labyrinth Country & Dungeon Seekers

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen, Shounen.

Translation Group
Official Yen Press Ver

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  • Still no PDF?

  • The PDF still isn’t up?
    Been a long time since the epub release.

  • NVM I saw the big red text *shaaaame*

  • I only see up to volume 7 for the pdf? is it an error on my end?

  • I’ll be frank, it has some novel ideas (like most isekais do) but it’s still an utter trash (like many isekais are, even with novel ideas)
    Combat is quite different. it’s like reading a text based rpg (not that i have experience with those) it’s quite novel
    setting and theme is good, a city full of labyrinths, and the city is divided into sections.
    BUT mc has an massive harem. Mc is an ex-office worker around late 20s.
    his harem even has high school girls. mc is dense as fuck as usual.
    mc is a chronic girl rizzler, there is not a single girl character he did not (accidentally) rizz so far.
    It is not my cup of tea, dropped it around vol 6 (yeah, i know im an idiot, should’ve dropped way earlier) i fucking hated it, i find dense mc harems disgusting, and after a while, like like a lot of the isekais does, it got boring. combat and story lost its novelty, only leaving the trashy harem.

    • you just dont like harem overall plus he’s not dense he’s already aware of his party members being girls but he doesnt really feel that way for them so in short, more an awkward relationship

  • It’s not unreadable, but it’s not great either.
    Unusually enough for me, it’s taking me almost a week/ volume.
    (It’s good in a way, as I get more time for other things …); Basically, it’s a bit hard to progress in the volume, but since I have nothing better to read at the moment, it does the job to put me to sleep at night.
    The mc IS indeed a ”beta cuck”, sorta (but not so much that’s it’s too obvious or unbearable).
    And he is ‘very average’ too, reinforcing the generic aspect of the story (and of course is op for no reason, and what’s more, have boring powers).
    Speaking of the story, it’s generic as I said, BUT the world is not, at least on some elements; and while some things are the Isekai standard, some aspect are very original and unique, even tho not necessarily in a good way … It’s still interesting to discover at least.
    (For instance the country the arrive in does experience mass reincarnation, but it’s not really well made, and I prefer ‘my instant death ability’ way of doing it, even tho it was not perfect)
    There are many things original like that (and keep in mind that I am not even finished with first volume), but for instance there is this karma thing, that’s like your criminal score, and if it goes up too much, you are screwed and going to jail (like the guards litteraly show up and arrest you, happened to an angry guy for shouting at the guild lady because his class was shit);
    I have never seen this done like that, so that’s ‘original’ …
    And of course you can abuse it, like stepping into someone attack to get hurt and then you can ‘defend’ yourself without suffering a penalty.
    But well, overall, that’s just a ‘weird’ system imo, and it gets worse because for instance, staring at a girl’s body will get you karma, like wtf ? (But it’s fine if her ‘trust level’ is high enough, like what is it, an otome game ??)
    It doesn’t seem like it will work the other way around, like if a girl stare a guy, or even another girl (they took a bath together, seemed fine), it’s also unknown if it’s the intent or the act that does trigger the flag/altert, and by that logic, even impure though should trigger the system (or alternativly you should get false positive all the time, also I am sure there are a lot more ‘bad’ act that are covered, even if it’s not stated, so yeah, doesn’t make much sense to me overall)
    So far it’s kinda stupid how the guard show up too (do they have a notification on their smartphone or whatever ? Oh cause yeah, the guild license are basically tablets, tho I dont think they really have any long range communication) and how the ‘karma’ itself goes up (as of late, we don’t know how it works, if it’s like a world spell setup by the guild of smthg, if it’s explained in the end of vol1 or 2, it’s fine, but I am starting to fear it won’t be, and it may just be a gimick, and that would be very bad for the setting; and well, there are other weird things like that, like the mc power/skills are expressed in number, like attack and def point etc., And ppl don’t know shit about it, even stating specifically it’s not a video game, so you have to go by feeling, but then everyone still have ‘skills’, and even health bar, xp, levels, regenerate ‘vitality’ and ‘stamina’ based on if they sleep in the barn or the royal suit (there is indeed a real world logic but here it is stated in game like terms) etc. ; Or like the dimension barrier unlocking spell/skill that is presented as super insane hard and high stake and super dangerous etc. Is just a stupid maze like thing with the ball that you turn around to get the ball in the hole ) ;; and yeah, add to all that the blend and boring harem that grows every chapter (girls have simple and little to no personality, and an automatic attraction to the boring mc, because.), And it’s not great.
    But again, it’s not totally horrible either, it’s readable, even tho there are a lot better LNs out there.
    Give it a shot if you have nothing better to read.

  • I guess i was too late to download this one. Thank you

  • Twelve pop up windows just to get to the captcha is a little excessive. I understand that this is how you are funded but it’s a little frustrating.

  • TL;DR
    Worth a read, MC not being the usual dense but on the “Yeah, kinda nope on having erotic with the squad” take.
    Actually interesting setting and description thereof, it is somewhat MMO-ish in combat.

    While one comment so far points out how okay-good this LN is, the others scream about harem, fanservice and suchlike.

    It is not.
    The most annoying bit is that the author did the plunge to not involve time-skips and similar for the MC´s progression and people seem to think that 1-2 extra volume lengths of ” we raided dungeons ” blab is better.

    Read the first volume on this one and see for yourself if you like the MC and setting.

    • My only problem i guess with the story is how straightforward it is. feels like all the troubles he encounters could be easily solved.

      The manga version from Rikizo skipped most of the details around the items and skills of the main characters but the story progression is on point but with twists.

  • Beta-cuck MC/Chick Magnet MC/OP skills that doesn’t need training..
    Just your generic japanese harem MC

    And the story itself bis a poor imitation of Danmachi..
    its like a poor-mans-danmachi..

  • The story is just all about fanservice, author be like; screw plot just throw some average guy surrounded by cute girls and alot of fanservice and horny virgins will like it..

    • fanservice lol. almost all the volumes are about fights there’s only one arc that the party got to relax but at the same time involve again on boss fights

  • The ecchi and harem was so forced , the pace of the story is so fast and unnatural, I mean only 3 days into the story and he and his party already accomplished what the top ranking seekers couldn’t even do.. and the MC is so freaking generic harem MC .. typical japanese harem troupe story … every girl he meets falls inlove or automatically likes him .. and unsurprisingly all party members he finds is a freaking girl even the dog is a girl and it seems like every other men they find is evil or bad or whatever like he’s the only who is kind and has a good heart is the whole story… Dropped it after 3 volumes.. lost my patience reading it..

  • When vol 6 release ? This novel really good. Rating this novel should be rank S. As good as danmachi light novel.

  • When will the next update?

  • Having issues with the links on PC.

  • Where did you read it? I can’t find it in english

  • This was a good find, a treasure of sort rather. I’ve really come to like the series as a whole, I love the MC. (Minus a little bit from the echi elements and harem part)

    Having all girls and one man in a party has its troubles and concerns, but unlike the others, The MC is really reliable and proper or so. I can’t wait for the next volume to come out, just finished the 3rd one…Sad, can’t support the author other than giving them my regards and respect.

    I don’t like Gray, which for me really is a turn off and kinda makes me not want to read any further. The plot or well pace of how they were going through it all was kinda fast, but due to how nice the MC and his party as well as helpers were…It was lovely despite the struggles and weirdness.

    Wholesome, lovely, kinda weird…really cute. The series as a whole from my perspective is full of life. The characters had individuality and such, they had shown growth, good world building in general. The 3rd volume left on such a cliffhanger in my perspective, though…I am now so anxious and filled with mixed emotions about it all.

    Thank you for this piece…On a sidenote: I hope people like Gray die fast or well don’t get a chance to do anything anymore than he had which I think is already a bit too much for me. If I was the MC, I’d have killed the guy already, one way or another. I just really hate the guy and anyone like him.

  • when is the release of vol.4

  • Thank you so much, loving this series!

  • Please upload Max Level Magic User vol.2

  • Can you upload vol. 3 pls? Thanks.

  • vol 2 already released admin? when will it be available here?

  • Hmm, no volume 2 uploaded yet it seems. Guess I’ll check back tomorrow.

  • Please i need volume 2

  • When will the next volume realease?

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