Hell Mode

“‘Level up even while offline’?! That’s not a game on ‘easy mode’—that’s just an AFK game!”

The online game Yamada Kenichi had been playing religiously is shutting down its servers, leaving him with a void in his heart. He looks for a new game to fill it, but everything he finds is way too easy. The kind of game he likes—the kind punishing enough to make players want to spend thousands of hours on it—just isn’t around anymore.

“What’s this? ‘You are invited to a game that will never end.’”

Kenichi stumbles upon an untitled game, one promising incomparable challenge with unprecedented potential. Without hesitation, he selects the “Hell Mode” difficulty. Lo and behold, he finds himself reincarnated in another world as a serf!

Now called Allen, he sets out to unlock the secrets of his mystery-laden Summoner class; without the convenience of walkthroughs, game guides, or online forums, he must grope his way to the top of his new world!

Associated Names
Hell Mode: Yarikomi Suki No Gamer Wa Hai Settei No Isekai De Musou Suru
Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~
Hell Mode ~The Hardcore Gamer Dominates in Another World with Garbage Balancing~
Hellmode ~Yarikomi Suki no Gamer wa Haisettei no Isekai de Musou Suru~
Hellmode ~A Hardcore Gamer Becomes Peerless in Another World with Retro Game Settings~

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, School Life, Supernatural

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Official J-Novel Club

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Comments 15

  • So, its a pretty good and enjoyable read.

    MC is decent, cast of characters is decent.

    The only real “but” i have is that the enemy side is also getting fleshed out more and more, and i do think it just detracts from the overal plot to have filler about the demons talking and doing things just like their human counterparts, as well as there now having been introduced the completely sterotypical “mad scientist doing stuff because they can” character being a clear sign of plot mediocrity coming up.

  • Grant me the Dark PDF oh Ancient ones

  • Can you tell me when the MC save elf kingdom

  • This is a great novel, I’m waiting patiently for vol 5

  • I guess this is proof you can’t judge a ln by the volume number, there’s enough content here to fill 7-8 normal volumes, like the other guy said each volume is one arc so they wrap up nicely although the word count limit means the author skips bonus and side content.

    On another note the story is surprisingly good, you would think all the story elements like isekai reincarnation + excessive grinding + an ungodly amount of setup(about 6 hours of it) would get boring and wouldn’t work, but it’s the opposite, it’s really good, power levels are also decently handled thought you can guess by the title that something is seriously wrong anyway.

  • When I started reading this I wasn’t so sure if it’s good. The first volume is a tad boring at times which is very common for a story with a MC reincarnated as a baby. The “toddler years” are rarely a fun read since it’s more or less 100 percent slice of life of a little albeit unique child.

    Also the “hell mode” here isn’t really a hell mode since everyone else is in normal mode, meaning the monsters are not stronger for him, only the MC needs 100 times the XP to level up. Also his level cap is higher thanks to the hell mode so in the end he can be much stronger than people in normal mode … if he ever reaches that point, that is.

    The real actions starts in the middle of volume 2 and from there it is a real fun read with each volume getting more intense. In volume 3 it’s about conquering dungeons and in volume 4 the war for the world finally takes off.

    Each volume covers one arc of the webnovel which makes them longer than usual light novels, currently with volume 4 being the longest, almost double the length of most ordinary light novels.

    So far I don’t get the harem tag, sure, there are a few girls around him but also the same amount of guys (actually quite more guys in ordinary life interactions), even his party is about 50:50.

    • Oh that’s sad. I’m here for the Harem but I’ll take it if it’s a fun read non-the-less.
      Thx for this non-bias review

  • I’m not sure how to request novels, but would you guys (the admins) consider adding the light novel version of [Pawahara Seijo no Osananajimi to Zetsuen Shitara, Nanimokamo ga Umaku Iku Yō ni Natte Saikyō no Bōken-sha ni Natta ~ Tsuideni Yasashikute Kawaii Yome mo Takusan Dekita] to the archives?

  • volume 2 is out, please update

  • Wow its the ‘dark souls’ of light novels :3

  • here is my advice, if this novel ever get as far as the WN, read only as far as to help Elf continent against demons invasion arc, and wait till the novel get 2-3 volume more. why? because it is at that point things stale. the same thing being reused, its repetitive and bla234, it is literally becoming more and more of a chore to read this.

    thats not to say it wasn’t fun though, i MTL this series on syosetu, and gets that far after all, so i can say this series is good. though i came here only for the illustration.

  • wow, i just bookmarked this manga yesterday

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