The Daybreak

“Do you wanna make a bet? — If You survive, live for me and die for me.”

Halka, a high school student who was summoned to another world, became a magician to survive.

Disguised as a man on the battlefield, she flew to a rage towards a knight who wanted to die and after giving him healing magic that chipped away at her own life, she collapsed.

When Halka woke up, the beautiful knight whom she had saved on the battlefield came to visit.

As proof of Halka winning the bet, the knight forced her to enter into a master-servant contract with him……!?

Associated Names
Daybreak: The Crossdressing Female Magician and the Golden Knight
The Magician in Male Attire and the Gold Knight

Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance

Translation Group
Rainy Translations

Vol 1 epub/pdf
(EPUB/PDF any Selected or full)

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