The Diary of a Middle-Aged Sage’s Carefree Life in Another World

Forty-year-old Satoshi Osako is a farmer in the Japanese countryside—and a hardcore player of Swords & Sorceries, an online VRRPG. The day he finally manages to defeat the game’s final boss, it curses him with its dying breath and kills him in real life! With a little help from a carefree goddess, Satoshi finds himself reincarnated into a mysterious new world as his in-game character, the incredibly powerful Great Sage known as Zelos Merlin. He accordingly decides to use his newfound powers to…continue living a quiet life on another farm! But first, he’ll have to fight his way out of the vast, dangerous forest he woke up in—thanks a lot, goddess—and it won’t be long before he’s running into bandits, getting roped into teaching a young noble girl magic, and more. Will the almighty Great Sage be able to conquer the toughest quest of all: getting some peace and quiet?

Associated Names
Arafoo Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki
The Diary Of A Sage Around 40 Living In Another World

Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Seinen, Slice of Life

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  • So far it is “okayish”. As others stated, the writing is all over the place, either the author has never written a story / book before or the translator used cheap machine translation and just edited the worst parts. It also is pretty clear that in the original they just collected the webnovel chapters without further editing since almost every chapter starts with a recap of some sort. That is fine for webnovels but in a “one piece” novel? Come on!

    Another thing I thought of kinda weird was when the servant asked the MC if he knew how to take a bath and the answer was the japanese version, scrubbing down first and when clean get into the bath (to sleep or whatever ^^). NO, that is NOT how you bathe! I understand that historically in Japan families used the same bathwater or still share it in bathhouses. The correct way to really get clean is to get into the bathwater, let your skin get soft and then scrub it off. When done you take a shower to rinse it off. So if there is no need to save water there is no need to do it the Japanese way. And why would a “western” fantasy world bathe like the Japanese in the first place?

    I do like the magic system, it is kinda fresh but of course it is convenient for the story. Else, the story progresses like a million others of this kind. MC gets transported to another world and has no clue where he is. When he reaches the first road there are some bandits attacking a noble and MC rescues him. And bang, MC gets all connections and hospitality he needs to live a comfortable life in that world. *Yawn*.

    Also the level system is not congruent. So even a small rabbit in the monster forrest is level 300. That means the other monsters must be way higher. While in the human parts a level 500 means you’re a sage and the strongest of the strong. That makes no sense. If a rabbit is level 300 then a wyvern must bei level 3000 or so. Even the MC wouldn’t be able to take that down easily. The auther should have gone with level 30 for the rabbit so that an ordinary soldier would be able to take it down with some effort. The scaling here isn’t really well thought out.

    The whole thing screams “cheap testrun”. If future volumes will be the same sloppy “collection” this series will be discontinued soon.

  • Done reading, for now id say average at best and that’s me being generous.

  • MC is somewhat dumb. While he claim to be cautious and dont want people to call him monster, he info dumped people with lot of his personal info about his battle prowess. That’s the opposite of being ‘cautious’ and he will definitely be called monster.

    Why these Japanese isekai filled with these contradictive characters that keep doing these….

    “Ah, I dont want to stand out, but I will use these super flashy magic to annihilate these low level thugs”,

    “Ah, I dont want people to know I am awesome, so I will tell them just how awesome I am!”,

    “Ah, I am not strong, I might be able to casually destroy an entire army of demons, but I am NOT strong, UWU”

    And, so on…

    The market has been quite saturated for so loooong

  • about 80% in and probably dropping it so i don’t waste any more time on this… the writing feels a bit all over the place for me, the MC is not relatable or likeable to me at all, none of the side characters are that interesting too (just writing a few sentence about them having a mysterious background and some weird quirks doesn’t really make them any more interesting imo). it’s a comedy slice of life but i don’t really find humour funny, and the slice of life stuff aren’t that interesting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Reading Vol 1 at the moment, just finished first chapter, thus preliminary:

    MC is a 40-something dude who got reincarnated as his game character in a world base on a game he was playing. Thankfully avoiding a few of the tropes i personally dislike in such scenarios already, the MC seems so far to be written as adult human from a polite modern society learning how to both live and survive well.

    I personally like the attitude and writing so far, since the MC is overthinking somewhat and clearly held back by slowly decreasing modern attitude, but not whiny or dense… so far.

    Ill be reading this to the end of the first volume and see if it holds up with the “Decent enough” impression i have so far.

    • In contrast to other reviews, i give the first volume a 7 out of 10.

      The writing is decent, i had fun and was entertained.

      There is some comedy, but it is not a distracting focus with slapstick and jokes everywhere.

      The MC is overpowered and overly humble, which is quite the standard trope in current LNs, but also quite correctly displaying his thinking about the things he does.
      Additionally, while the MC´s actions are reasoned out, the guy is not whiny nor bitchy, but is written as the adult dude he is.

      The setting itself is also decent enough so far, no “im gonna kick a kitten because i can” people around for now.

      I do get where the other reviews are coming from, but as always, i recommend reading at least the first volume yourself.
      Reviews are kinda useless most of the time here.

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