Porticons Journey to the Past

Porticons Journey to the Past


Synopsis :
Porticons: A Journey to the past is based on the concept of emotions. Human beings are the epitome of emotions. Our day to day life is connected with emotions. Without emotions, we humans are helpless puppets and without us the word emotion is simply abstract.
So Keeping this fact in consideration, this story runs around a Japanese man named Ken Koshi who dives into the world of VR gaming and plays an MMORPG styled game to win a huge cash prize to help her colleague turned girlfriend Ellie with money.
At first, he was hesitant to join the game but later he came to know that the game holds something closely related to his past and thus begins the story of revenge, fun, and love.


Action, Fantasy, Adventure


Story – Original
By Nikhil Bhatnagar


Vol-1 epub/pdf
(EPUB/PDF any Selected or full)

Read Option –

Chapter 1: The Robbery
Chapter 2: Slice of life
Chapter 3: Test
Chapter 4: The Brat’s assault
Chapter 5: Ellie’s Melancholy
Chapter 6: The Day
Chapter 8: The Beginning
Chapter 9: The first encounter
Chapter 10: The Past Rivalry
Chapter 11: The Erotic night
Chapter 12: Rejection
Chapter 13: A new friend
Chapter 14: Closeness
Chapter 15: The flashback
Chapter 16: Crisis and Confusion
Chapter 17: The Kick-off
Chapter 18: The Duo
Chapter 19: The final battle
Chapter 20: The beginning of the end
Chapter 21: Greetings from the past
Chapter 22:- Death and ahead
Chapter 23: Reversion
Chapter 24: The end


Status – Completed


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