Haibara’s Teenage New Game+

We all have embarrassing memories or deep regrets from high school, right? Socially anxious college senior Natsuki Haibara sure does. When he thinks back on that time of his life, all he has are fleeting fantasies of a happy adolescence that could have been. Imagine his bewilderment and surprise, then, when he inexplicably finds himself seven years in the past—one month before his first year of high school! Can Haibara avoid his previous mistakes, make his way to the top of the school social pyramid, and end up with the girl of his dreams? Or will he be forced to relive three years of solitude as the most hated guy in school? He’ll need all the help he can get in order to succeed, from a workout regimen to online how-to guides, a childhood friend, and plenty of sheer willpower. Watch as Haibara takes a second shot at his teenage years!

Associated Names –
Haibara-kun no Tsuyokute Seisyun New Game
Haihara-kun’s Strong and Youthful New Game

Genre –
Comedy, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-5 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 5

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Comments 19

  • where is vol 6

  • Please update for vol 5!

  • vol 4 is available now, plz kindly update it✌️

  • Completed volume 3 and still no sign of MC using his knowledge of future to become rich. I mean who the hell tries to get a high school girlfriend when you can try to be one of the richest in the world.

    The character development is done well, but the love triangle now expanding to include more girls and MC being more and more indecisive is painful to read. At this point I don’t even mind a harém ending coz I don’t like when only one girl gets a happy ending.

  • Thank you so much for pdf 🙂 Also sorry for the duplicate comment, I thought first one didn’t send out.

  • Finally Otonari Tenshi’s PDF is out but please don’t forget this series as well.

  • Finally Otonari Tenshi’s pdf is out but please don’t forget this series as well

  • This is gonna be one of those classics we look back on in a few years. I highly suggest anyone who reads this comment to take a look at this LN. If you liked Bottom Tier Character then youll probably like this too. There’s a lot of similarities. But it feels like its own thing as well. The pacing for the 1st volume seems really fast and people might be put off by the 1st volume but I promise you it’ll be worth it once you finish it. Cuz of that, I can’t wait for the next volume, but since I’ve found this a few days early, I’ve gotta wait 2 months for the next release *grief*

  • A pretty good read. Better than Tomozaki-kun tbh. Without all the game element terms that tomozaki uses, this was a bit less cringey. Also loved hw the MC came up with all his skills and plans himself instead of relying on someone like how Tomozaki does.

  • I can relate a lot with this story. It’s a well written school slice of life. Too bad it only has one volume. I hope the 2nd volume comes fast!

  • description brought to mind Bottom Tier Character and if its anything like that then this should be good

  • honestly this is quite a fun read, not Oregairu level but definitely Roshidere level of writing

  • I mean it’s kinda creepy but something we all wish could do lol, sounds lie it could be quite nice as long as this fun isn’t too creepy or cringe.

    • 7 years is kinda much. hopefully it isn’t some perverted delusion by the author. this kind of thing has been done before, namely ReLife so hopefully itll be something wholesome xD

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