Stuck in a Time Loop: When All Else Fails, Be a Villainess

Selene Vixent has died nine times. In every life, she’s been betrayed by her fiancé, abused by her noble family, and laid low by an untimely end all because she was unable to awaken the power of Sun, a so-called protective gift passed down in her family. Yet Selene is determined to escape this cursed time loop and, after her ninth demise, abandons any further attempts to be a good girl. She awakens to the power of Shadow—seen as an ominous portent of misfortune—and fully embraces her new life as a villainess.

But Selene’s dark path is about to take another strange turn when Dier Veldt, the former crown prince, reveals that he knows all about her time loop. He even offers his help, but under one condition: she must kill him in exchange. With her newfound villainy, can Selene break free of this endless time loop once and for all?


Fantasy, Sci-fi

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  • volume 2 is still a pretty decent read and it does hint at a deeper underlying plot and things are progressing at a nice pace. FMC is more of the cold type exteriorly which isn’t the my favourite, but it’s interesting still.

  • I see villainess in the title I click… Anyway this is kinda dark, not exactly my thing, the illustrations are from the same person as the spider so what? Novel, they’re as good but it feels like I’m reading the spider novel

    • “I see villainess in the title I click…” haha, me, too! “Strangely”, they never turn out to be a villainess. And while it is mentioned Selene ist ready to kill she actually doesn’t. The real change here is that she was a pushover in her earlier lives but now decided enough is enough and fights back.
      Also I don’t think its dark, especially compared to Spider. Deep down the MC is still kindhearted and cares about people, particularly Dier and her sister.

      • I wasn’t comparing it to spider when I said it’s dark just the illustrations… It’s just when 2 people are coming up to you asking to die and you take over a duchy by force so everyone dislikes you that’s a bit dark… Agreed on they’re never villainesses 🙁

        • – Ah, I see. I don’t care much about illustrations since I’m reading on an ebook reader and not on PC or tablet.

          – Well, the MC’s father is an assh*ole and it was already “nice” to not kill him after all he’d done to her.

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