The Sorcerer’s Receptionist

A world of magic.

I had a dream ever since I was young, and that was to become ‘a receptionist onee-san’ at a certain place. But only first-class magicians could become one, or so my parents told me… First-class? So what? What about it? That meant I just had to work hard to become first-class, right?

…… Or, the story that portrays the heroine’s road to become a receptionist, and her daily life after she becomes one.

Associated Names
Mahousekai no Uketsukejou ni Naritaidesu
I Want to Be a Receptionist of The Magic World

Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life

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Comments 8

  • @.@ are~ !?!

    Bakaupdates marked this as completed with 3 volumes… Then here’s a 4th???

    Can someone please explain? 😅

  • read till vol 4 and it’s an interesting and pretty fun read on the whole. the characters are mostly fun, the pace is a bit on the faster side which actually is kinda nice since you don’t have to wait too long for things to happen, and the whole story seems well pieced together considering some things mentioned in the past ended up being nicely tied together with future stuff. that said the translation can be a bit rough. not just in the paragraphing, but i’ve seen names of characters being spelled differently in some instances, for e.g “Kara” becoming “Cara” in one instance, then back to “Kara” again. Another thing is that while the romance element seems to progress over vol 1-3, in vol 4 things suddenly regresses and things become weird again “mostly due to the FMC” which is kinda annoying. well, maybe the author is setting up a plot line where FMC is cursed to be extra dense when it comes to romance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m still interested in seeing how things progresses not just in the story but also the romance element, so hoping the next volume doesn’t take years.

  • I wish they did a side story about the commander and the director of Haire guild. The final fight where the commander used his all to keep casting the barrier followed by the Guild director taking over would at least imply deep respect with each other if not an acceptance of admiration for the both of them.

  • Is the Volume 3 the ending? Or it still ongoing to vol.4?

  • So, it seems this novel is already ended by vol 3. Overall, I rate this 7/10. The main problem of this series is pacing. Too bad because I think the plot is promising and there’s still a lot of parts that can be more explored. Vol 1 is okay. Vol 2 is also okay. But IMO, vol 3 is too packed. The author seems to rush the story to it’s ending on vol 3. Personally, I think it’s better if they split vol 3 story and make the very last arc as vol 4. As I said before, there are still a lot of plots that can be good story material.

    For the romance tho… I give it a solid 8/10. While the main plot is rushed, at least the romance part is nice. If only they give more after stories… The dere version of the female protag and the honest version of the male protag is too good.

  • Honestly pretty interesting. Don’t really go for romance novels but it’s intriguing enough. It is rather long but it held my attention all the way through. If you’re looking for a story with plot, it definitely seems like a lot more will develop in the later books. 7.5/10

    • It is a decent read without a lot of the “romance tropes” from other LN.

      The setting itself and the characters are also decent.

      The writing and plot is fairly decent as well, but as i read on, through vol 3, the way the MC behaves starts to grate on my nerves. She is not one of the airhead/dense protagonists, but quite often seems to interpret something said or happening right in front of her in a completely stupid way, which leads to her hesitating and pondering more instead of her usual determination coming to the fore.

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