A Royal Rebound: Forget My Ex-Fiancé, I’m Being Pampered by the Prince!

Amelia is a studious young countess and water mage. Her fiancé, Reese, is the second son of a marquis and wields earth magic, a desirable skill for the agricultural domain that Amelia’s father rules. The couple grew up together and has always gotten along well, so their happy future together seems certain. Yet after Reese enters the Royal Academy of Magic, Amelia loses all contact with him. Although she assumes he’s just busy with his studies, when she enters the academy a year later herself, her classmates inexplicably ostracize her as Reese continues to avoid her. Throughout this confusing ordeal, the isolated and anxious Amelia finds comfort in the kindness of Sarge, the fourth prince, who seems to have taken an interest in her…

Genre –
Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi

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Comments 7

  • It’s an enjoyable read, however, it tends to repeat things a lot as if trying to make it longer which grew tiresome after reading the same thing being written more than three times sometimes.

  • Read the second volume it’s so laid back it’s crazy, yet it’s not boring… It’s also not wildly entertaining or anything. If you liked the first you’d probably like the second

    In any case still no sci-fi could it be that it’s super well hidden like in game of thrones?(that’s a joke)

  • the “SciFi” tag.

    Could someone please elaborate more on this?

  • I would recommend if you need a comfy read without any drama

  • IhaveReadThis comment is spot on… Anyway the first volume is pretty much self contained to the point I wouldn’t be surprised if this had no sequel… I hope it does tho

  • Read up to Vol 1

    Actually okay read.
    MC is not the lame, totally airheaded/dense finance who goes into crisis mode.
    Her reactions and general actions seem to be more realistic than those of MCs from similar LNs, as well as herself being competent enough.

    A comfy read with okay writing and characters.

    No idea about the “SciFi” tag, though.

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