Lucia and the Loom Weaving Her Way to Happiness

Green hair and blue eyes, as subdued and boring as can be… That’s what Lucia always thought of herself, until a chance encounter in her childhood gave her the confidence to wear the pretty dresses and accessories she so admires, no matter what anyone else may say about her.

Now that she’s grown and working for her family’s factory, Lucia dreams of running her own atelier. Little does she know her ambition is about to get a jump start when her friend Dahlia comes by looking for someone to produce a specialized clothing item. Next thing she knows, Lucia is suddenly the head manager of the newly established Magical Garment Factory! Her unexpected appointment to this large role lands her in the crosshairs of others’ jealousy, but the target on her back is but a bump in the road to realizing her dream! In addition to her duties, Lucia, in her own fashion, tackles the conundrums posed by the clients of the Tailors’ Guild.

Here begins Lucia’s lancinating journey to clothe everyone in style as she weaves her way to happiness!

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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  • This is a side-story for Dahlia in Bloom, with less talk about food and alcohol and more talk about clothes.

    • Well, i do not mind side stories, i just want my fix of nice, decent toolmaker gal and her friends.

      I mean, one of my favorite novel series had a 3-ish year hiatus to write a completely irrelevant side-story.

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