Why Shouldn’t a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?!

This is the story of a detestable Demon Lord and his wonderful new wife, a destitute damsel!

Our Demon Lord, Anima, is the strongest in all the world, feared by the denizens of the realm. He’s forced to spend his days in solitude until, completely out of the blue, he gets summoned to another world! The one who summons him is none other than Luina, an exceedingly poor girl who runs an orphanage. The two of them quickly fall in love, with Anima swearing to use his power to protect his newfound family!

Action,Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance.

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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  • These two leads are both such weirdos. Who get married just like that?! But it’s extremely funny so I don’t really mind. I kept laughing the whole time they first met because… Anima (ML) is immediately in love with Luina (FL) and asks to marry her. Mostly because he’s the most socially unaware person imaginable and also extremely lonely.

    Funnier yet, she says yes?? She protests a bit at fist because she’s poor and busy running an orphanage but both of those things are actually pluses for him. She looked at him once and just… pretty much psychically detected that he was lonely and why, and then he said he wanted kids (eg. parent the orphans) and a warm happy family life and she was sold. Bam, just like that. These two are ridiculous.

    I’m pretty sure this is just bad writing and not purposefully comedic. However. I would absolutely suggest people read this if they want a comedy, because, intentional or not, this will definitely make you laugh. I can’t help but enjoy their antics because neither of these two are even remotely sensible people. They deserve each other.

  • I’ll be honest the premise seemed interesting, but the writing just feels terrible.

    like the whole thing feels undeserved characters just suddenly love one another, without any rhyme or reason and it makes the whole thing really awkward

    also the whole dialogue at times is super awkward, maybe it’s due to bad translation, but like even how the protagonists express their affection is super bland and repetitive.

    it’s fun as a premise, but it lacks every kind of normal character development that would make you believe said premise

  • Kinda weird this ever got published. I mean it’s such an amateurish production. It’s like some guy writes a daily journal about his boring life as a father (and only the good parts very very exaggerated). There is absolutely no good reason to add this demon lord aspect to it. It’s mostly “click bait”. By the third volume it’s all lets go eat somewhere, it tastes good. Again and again and again… Oh and there is also “the joy” of laundry.

  • Is there a problem with the 3rd volume?
    if not could you please upload it😔

  • could you please upload vol 3 🙏❤️

  • Volume 2 just released

  • Found a great SoL novel to read. Feel happy about it. And then I read the English publisher, me like : “Oh no no no no no….”

    If you want to read this novel, maybe wait for vol 2 to release. Because if you read and into this story (Like me), you will be mad so hard because you don’t know when it will be release.

  • This book i good for you who lack of sugar in your blood

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