A Pale Moon Reverie

Irede, the town of fine drink, masterful performing arts, and holy courtesans, was built long ago as an offering to a god. Travelers gather here in droves from across the continent, but unbeknownst to them, shades—creatures who lead humans astray—lurk in the streets.

Sari, a maiden with the ability to bind shades, is the proprietress of a living myth: the courtesan house Pale Moon. And when she meets Xixu, a shadeslayer fresh from the capital, restless shadows begin stirring beneath the town’s surface…

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Comments 4

  • Just bought all 6 physical volumes of Unnamed memory, hope this one will be a great read as well

  • The fact that this novel has the same author as Unnamed Memory should have clued me in with how invested I got for the relationship between the MC and the FMC. Like seriously, just 3 chapters in and I’m already hoping for a happy ending for the 2 of them.

  • Same authour as Unnamed memory after checking, because the plot and worldbuilding felt so stylistically familiar. Much like Unnamed memory its a slice of life where our OP swordsman x supernatural girl (and the gang) solve the various cases throughout the town and slowly develop. A very comfortable read.

  • to many pop up and link ….which one download link

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