A Tale of the Secret Saint

Born into a long line of knights, Fia is determined to become a knight herself, just like all her siblings. But a brush with death awakens memories of her past life as a Saint–a woman who wields rare, powerful healing and protection magic–along with the ability to use that magic herself! The downside is that Fia also remembers her past life’s untimely death, and the danger she will be in if anyone finds out what she really is. She vows to stay on her knighthood path and keep her powers a secret forever! But how can she resist using her newfound powers when they’re just so useful?

Genre –
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

Associated Names –
Tensei Shita Daiseijo wa, Seijo dearu Koto wo Hitakakusu
The Reincarnated Great Saint Hides That She’s a Saint
The Reincarnated Great Saintess Hides the Fact That She Is a Saintess!

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-5 epub/pdf
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Comments 13

  • Volume 6 please and thank You

  • not a series that will blow your socks off, but it’s a comfy and easy read with some comedy in it. still i’m still enjoying it. female MC is still air headed but lovable. in volume 4 and 5 they do explore the background plot a bit more but overall still pretty slow pace with tons of interlude, side stories. they’re relatively short and easy to get through but some of them seems to be just filler which is a bit disappointing since the volume isn’t that long to begin with.

  • volume 5 please

  • Simply this is a funny storie, I re-read this novels lot. higly recomend.

  • Look take this opinion as you will but in all honesty i opened the last entry and went to the index and i was sadly reminded of the evolution that this piece is taking since the third entry
    There was 3 unique and interconected plot chapters an interlude and friking whole six side story.
    I can get behind a middle of the road story that dangles their tropes in your face if masterfully weaved and follow good pacing, i barely think a can deal with two deviations and six no thank you but if you can enjoy

  • I liked the first volume. The second also has some good humor in it but by the third all the side stories and interludes are getting way out of hand. I mean these are already volumes of the short variety and yet the author deemed it necessary to inflate the volume with endless side stories (often lengthy flashbacks) and interludes. Get this at the end of the third volume instead of rounding of the bit that was currently happening we get over 50 pages of inflation never to get back to the story at hand.

    Also the “baby” dragon is now out of the picture as well. Maybe to return some day? But I doubt it’ll be the same.

  • i love this one so much, genuinely super funny and i never got bored reading it – unlike so many light novels i read

  • i actually like it. the stupidity is the joke here.
    story has good progression

  • Idk why the hate; it’s very funny and a good read.

  • [many spoilers here with criticism and summary]
    The concept isn’t anything new, an ordinary girl getting memories of her past life as a princess and a great Saint with unfathomable powet and a level of knowledge which should be achievable only by those of high aristocracy and royalty, which is pretty much the highest. Now, she gets these memories, knowledgle and power whilst on the verdge of death. The problem is that even after getting the knowledge, she stays ignorant of her previous incarnation’s influence on the whole nation, which was supposedly even created by her?(a lie) She’s also ignorant of the fact of what it means to have golden eyes, red hair and unfathomable prowess, the same as her previous self. She’s deluding herself by saying that simply by not having any healing power nobody will have any suspicions regarding her identity, even with her having all the other characteristics of the great saint. Lmao. Also the conversation with the three cursed guys and how they took her as the goddess who they thought cursed them. Undoing their curse was obviously unbelievable in the current world’s standards, yet she chose to play the joke (or stupid lie) of her getting cursed and getting saint powers… And when they mistook her for the Goddess, she thinks they’re playing some kind of play, and thinks to herself “oh well, I can’t let their play go to waste”. Like really author?
    Also her coincidentally saving the black dragon after awakening her powers and getting him as a familiar was a typical way of getting a compatriot for the main character. It’s just that she chose to ride on the legendary black dragon king because she was worried (rightfully so) that her sister will mobilize the entire domain for a search party for her. Thinking along the lines of
    “I wouldn’t want my sister to cause havoc in the domain on my account”, she decides to take a great risk, possibly wreaking havoc in the entire world by letting everybody know how she’s tamed the dragon king. Ok.
    Another one of her useless antics is teaching a young and inexperienced saint how to make a better and unknown in the current times healing potion. Better, instead of letting the saintess gain experience in it by practicing slowly over time, it’s as if she’s deliberately taking steps to reveal her identity. She uses her own magic power, thereby improving the young saint’s magic circulation and creating a lake of a new healing potion in the process of teaching her. Definitely not suspicious, definitely untraceable.
    The mc’s families (both the previous and present one) are currently with no depth. Her previous family’s brothers left her to die after her magic power was exhausted in the struggle to seal the demon king. It was successful, yet the demon king’s right hand tortured her to the death. Before her death she was getting cursed at by her brothers because she was seemingly haughty just for being a great saint, yet now that she has no magic powet she’s useless etc etc they also wished her the worst, hoping she gets raped by demons and toyed to death. Now the new family treats her as nonexistent until she gets her black dragon familiar, with her father tacitly approving the neglect she was suffering because of her lack of talent. There’s also one of her brothers seeing her as subhuman, that’s also cute (the mc thinks it’s cute too compared to her previous brothers). So yeah, it’s the typical shoujo with the fl being ultra dense and even getting dumbed down by the author even more seemingly for some “comedy” (e.g. the three guys worshipping her as the goddess), the fl constantly making stupind decisions which will obviously come back to bite her in the future (or at least they should with as obvious as she is). It’s just that the fl is probably one of the most op being currently alive, so her enemies in the future will probably be even more op. Will probably continue reading just to see how her idiotic family will keep treating her. Oh, and also to see how long she can be the titular “secret” saint.

    • Thankyou for making some people like me not waste time because of curiosity. Bakarina is already enough for me if its dumb fl i dont need any other dumb fl except her

    • I’ve just read a few pages into the title and yeah, I already got warning signs about it. Already Irked how her past was, part of the lore I suppose, current family is more or less not much different from the scum in her past but I suppose a bit better? Idk, scums either way except from her sister. That’s the impression I got from the get go.

      Arguably, realistically speaking, prideful and stuck up nobles and scummy ones aren’t too surprising now given the setting. What’ surprising is on how dumb they constantly are made to be though.

      Problem here is that I see, the family members (aside from one so far) are definitely gonna be annoying and a constant pain in the neck. Them being the MC’s family just makes it worse as chances are, they will appear often in the story. Aside from that, the MC is yes, your typical OP dense MC that was made to be dumber than they really should’ve been. Already seen some contradicting statements such as riding a freaking black dragon (king or not, dragon or not which also looks tbh stupid) back to her estate with the premise of avoiding to cause trouble and chaos. And yes, as stated above, despite getting her memories back, pretty clear she won’t be doing a good job on keeping it a secret if not exposing it to everyone whilst most “pretend” to not notice including the MC thanks to the author’s or publishers whims and what not.

      All in all, with how clearly a lot of characters are outright annoying and stupid, more or less just another waste of time and headache unless you don’t mind such overused tropes with little to nothing new aside from practically re-skins of past titles and such. Could be wrong as I’ve only read into a few paragraphs of the tile but given how many such titles are in circulation already, I’m gonna go with my gut feeling here.

      Thank you for giving more actual food for thought. Though again, for casual readers who think that they can just “turn of their brain, or are “Already used to it”, or think that “It’s okay as long as it sells”, or something along those lines anyway, then you’d probably still like this title or at least pick it up to pass the time. As for me, instant turn off and a big no in my books from what I suppose would be first impressions. Again, mainly going with my gut feeling here but such tropes are too common nowadays, for better or worse. In my defence, not hard to see how stupid it’ll most likely get and a waste in overall, unless it does get better but meh.

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