There Was No Secret Evil-Fighting Organization (srsly!), So I Made One MYSELF!

Kinemitsu Sago suddenly finds himself able to wield telekinesis out of the blue one fateful day. However, unlike in works of fantasy, no beautiful girl barges into his life, no secret organization knocks on his door, and in fact, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happens at all. Eventually forced to come face to face with the reality that his life would remain unremarkable, he snaps and decides to make the extraordinary happen with his own hands! Follow along as he creates it all: a secret organization filled with espers, forces of darkness that threaten the world, protagonists, heroines, rivals, action, romance, and so much more!

If you had almighty telekinesis, what would you do?

Associated Names
Sekai no Yami to Tatakau Himitsu Kessha ga Nai kara Tsukutta (Hangire)

Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, Slice of life

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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