Disciple of the Lich Or How I Was Cursed by the Gods and Dropped Into the Abyss!

When Kanbara Kanata is whisked away from his mundane life to a world of adventure, he inadvertently offends the all-powerful being who brought him there. As punishment, he is sent to the bottom of the most dangerous dungeon without a single special power or ability! He is sure that he’s a goner until he meets a lich girl named Lunaère–an undead powerhouse who hates humans, but grudgingly decides to assist him all the same. With Lunaère’s help, Kanata may just grow into someone truly incredible!

Associated Names –

Disciple of the Lich Or How I Was Cursed by the Gods and Dropped Into the Abys
Fushisha no Deshi
Fushisha no Deshi ~Jashin no Fukyou wo Katte Naraku ni Otosareta Ore no Eiyuutan~
Disciple of Immortal

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 6

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Comments 18

  • Volume 7 released ?

  • am i the only one that thinks Pomera is annoying
    i really hate her

  • I understand the criticism. MC is super dense, self centered, and enormously dimwitted and an allround wuss.

    He prefers to let humanoid BBEGs walk around and kill people over killing them. He’s never straight with people when he clearly should.

    Someone could destroy a city, citizens included, and tell him the city is fine and he’ll believe it.

    I had really hoped that elf b*tch was killed so he’d not let his enemies live in the future…

    Not worth the effort to even download this trash.

  • We’re close to the end boys! Vol 7 and all we have to do is to wait…..

  • Looking forward to future volumes of this coming out. The story moves along pretty good for what it is, that being a comedic parody of many isekai adventure tropes. If you enjoy isekai and one punch man, I think you will like this.

  • One of my favorite series. I’ll give it a 6.5/10. Overall it’s just fun to read.

    Calling the MC stupid, well not really. I mean he can easily adjust potion composition based on what he can get his hands on for instance (within reason). Sure there is this density about him still not really realizing that he is mega strong (as in second strongest in the world probably), and that is annoying. But it sorta makes sense considering the opponents he ran into being at exceedingly high level for that world. Not to mention the gods that sooner or later will probably become directly involved.

    What does bother me is this cliché off not being upfront about his capabilities, ‘secretly defeating certain bosses’ sort of thing and not getting credit for it. I’m like just do awesome stuff and actually leave people in awe instead of making excuses and such. Hell it would even be (not great but) fine if he did so wearing a disguise, doing the alter ego superhero thing.

  • I really cant stand how dumb the protagonist. He is supposed to be a japanese who knows about isekai but he acted like a total moron for many circumstances. And seriously, what kind of idiot think he can buy ingredients to create LEGENDARY class potion at local store? It felt like I am losing more and more IQ as I read the story further

  • I almost skipped this after reading so many negative reviews. I’m happy I decided to give it a try, anyway. Most negative reviews must be from the machine translated webnovel and it seems the light novel is quite different.

    First, the MC, yes he is humble but not a coward. I don’t understand why critics have qualms with a guy who prefers to not kill other humans especially when he is above level 4000 and the opponents are around level 100. The wise choice is to avoid fighting them in the first place and not give in to the teasing of battle junkies.

    The MC is dense, or is he? In my opinion he is pretty much aware that his half-elf companion has feelings for him. However he has no interest in romance especially since he has to fight for survival almost every day. Who cares about romance on the battlefield?

    The girls, well, they are every kind of -dere one can imagine. That makes them a nice comic relief. They are needed as this because otherwise the story would be a dark drama through and through.

    The story, not really unique but with a nice twist. Locklore is a world created as entertainment for the gods. Since the MC angers them when transported there they want to just get rid of him. That means they throw everything they have (down on the world) at him to snuff him out. Luckily he met Lich-san who trains him, despite not having a heroes skill like the other otherworlders the training and his high level make it difficult for most enemies to even put a scratch on him. So each new enemy the gods throw at him becomes more stronger and twisted making it difficult at even his level.

    Overall a good read, not much slice of life and a fast pace.

  • Just another OverPowered low IQ mc with no common sense. The story is great and the heroine is likable but the mc is stupid enough to waste many paragraphs in his roundabout stupidity due to his lack of common sense.

  • tf is this really an official translation? I found an error (I’m talking about volume 2 btw)

  • Yeah, it’s really good. The first couple of chapters is grimdark edgelordy but it soon kicks into gear becoming really zany fun.

    The MC is a really humble dude instead of going cringe.

    Been reading well ahead via MTL and it keeps the misunderstanding premise well and doesn’t overstay, actually progresses.

  • I gave it another go since someone was hyping it on another platform, I guess I was just irked by the dialogue on the first chapter

  • ahhhh I can’t stand how it’s written, something about it makes me wanna stop reading. welp guess it’s dropped

  • yay! its finally here

  • hates humans, but helps the mc…..

    Okay I’ll try it.

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