I’ll Never Set Foot in That House Again!

Baron’s daughter Chelsea was persecuted by her mother and twin sister.

Every day, she is forced to clean before dawn and receives corporal punishment such as being whipped and deprived of some meals.

Suddenly, a turning point finally came for Chelsea who was living such a life.

A skill appraiser originally called for her sister unexpectedly determines that Chelsea has awakened a new kind of skill!

Since her sister also need more control training for her skill, they were both sent to live at the Skill Research Institute in the imperial capital.

Now that she got the chance to leave home, she will never come back!

Also, since she was persecuted before, it’s obvious she needs to repay the favor, right?

Associated Names –
I’ll Never Go Back to Bygone Days!
Never Going Home Again! ~ Since I Was Persecuted, I Should Repay the Favor, or Else I’ll Be Unreasonable ~
Nidoto Ie ni wa Kaerimasen! ~Shiitagerareteita noni Ongaeshishiro toka Muri Dakara~

Genre –
Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Shoujo

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Official J-Novel Club

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Comments 11

  • i can forgive a lot of shitty stuff in light novels while suspending my disbelief, from bad writing to garbage plots, but i cannot overlook the fact that the main couple in this is the fucking adult, reincarnated prince, meaning even older mentally than they normally would be, and the 12 years old mc. what the fuck.
    how completely fucked is that? this guy literally falls in love with this poor abused 12 year old literal child and proposes to her, and the book treats it as romantic, what?

  • A badly written niche piece. In my opinion, at least.
    So, there is our MC, who is a neglected, abused child: she hardly eats, she gets whipped for every litte thing, her mother, who is a noble by the way, hates her guts, her sister thinks of her as her toy slash maid, she is constantly dirty, education for her is a funny multi-syllable word, and so on, and so on.
    You may think all of the above holds some kind of importance but in fact, it’s all done so that the Prince Charming, who is a Skill Appraiser (a Big Deal), could walk in like a boss, tell her evil mother off and take unfortunate MC to his humble abode in the capital. All in the first dozen or so pages. They could just cram all of her misfortunes up in the preview with the same success, honestly.
    Also, did I say that the Prince Charming is a natural-born prince?
    Now, poor MC falls in an unending whiplash since everyone and their mother are trying to show how they pity MC for what she’s been having through. And although it could seem the only right thing to do, there is a difference between using pity as means to share burdens with someone and using every channel of human communication to show pity instead – which is what predominantly occurs here. I.e., all of the troubles got waved away, leaving only the goodies.
    I don’t know, I feel that’s pretty cheap. Maybe go read Mahoutsukai no Yome, if you want real shoujou with troubles.

  • Seems kinda decent this story, only read the first volume though. I’ll go for a 5.2/10 for now. Nobunaga was right though there is a reincarnate from Japan involved. Not sure that was a good idea though for the author to make the main character not the guy with high specs but some random girl wit an unique skill, seed creation (one at a time).

    It could have been written better. I mean there is this severely abused 12 year old girl (the MC) who gets fed less than once a day, who gets whipped for every little thing, and there’s loads of mental abuse and trauma.
    How do you think the author decided to deal with that? Just have someone throw some spells at it and voila it’s fixed. That’s so unrealistic / lazy / easy. What was the whole point of the girls abusive upbringing?

    It’s also once again a nobles / royals party. And guess why nobles generally are higher spec usually in the sense of higher mana capacity? Tasty food. Good tasting food apparently increases your mana capacity. Again what was the point of all that abuse the story starts out with if you then turn to silliness like that.

    The spirit king (grown man with long hair and leaf shaped earrings) which the MC contracts with then suddenly appears as a kitten after establishing that contract; silly right. Also no mention of what the contract (aka agreement) entails.

    • Never got past vol 2-3? Not sure which one. Yeah there are plenty of fun LN’s that then just stop being updated. But this one is somehow still “going strong”? Is it the pedo influence that keeps his going?

  • The synopsis remind me very much of a certain indonesian folklore exactly like this, but without the noble part and the skill system.

    Coincidentally the character is also a three sisters, but their name are somehow named after indonesian word for onions

  • Yes, this is a non-reincarnated heroine but perhaps there will be someone from Japan soon enough? we’ll see, hoping for a good read.

  • Wow so pure fantasy shoujo eh young lady eh ? Not villainess, not Otome gamer girl from the past, wow.

    Hope it’s good.

  • Thank you for update
    As The Villainess, I Reject These Happy-Bad Endings! Thank you

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