Classroom for Heroes

HE’S DONE FIGHTING EVIL…NOW IT’S TIME TO MAKE FRIENDS! When the Hero Blade defeated the Overlord, he lost all his powers. For him, this should be a dream come true—he can finally experience life as a normal student. Unfortunately, as a veteran Hero at a school meant to train future Heroes, he has little chance of blending in. What’s more, the students Blade meets there, like him, have a rather skewed view of what’s “normal.” He’ll have to contend with the school’s overbearing Empress and her icy glares, his own way-too-flashy attacks, and even an escaped dragon! Despite it all, can Blade manage to make friends and enjoy school life without exposing his true identity?

Genre –
Fantasy, Sci-fi

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 1

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Comments 4

  • The first half of vol. 1 was nice but bland. After I took a week long break I managed finishing it. Yeah, well, there’s better stuff out there. Undecided if I would continue this.

  • Rather enjoyable if you don’t mind the repetitive narrative and the MC (that’s ultra-dense although not without reason)

  • Anyone read it this yet how is it?

    • Let’s see … if i have to sum this up it’ll be

      There’s few annoying factors/characters that if you’re not a pretty tolerant person , it’ll be hard for you to enjoy this . Since it’s only vol 1 , still hard to say about its story .

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