Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World

Nick used to be a member of a veteran adventurer party, helping his undisciplined friends with the accounts whenever he could. But what was his reward? Getting accused of embezzlement and kicked out by the leader he respected. Before long, he finds a few other jaded adventurers and kindred spirits, and together, they form their own unstoppable party!

Associated Names
Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World
Ningen Fushin no Boukenshatachi ga Sekai o Sukuu Youdesu

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 3

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  • Two Volumes in English so far since Feb 21 of this year. 3rd one will come June 20th. There are currently 5 Volumes in Japanese, so YenPress is actually not that far behind source material. Both Volumes that are in English cover EP 1-8 of the Anime, so I’d guess that the 3rd volume will cover ep 9-12. For the same reason I’m fairly certain that it’ll be some time until we’ll get a 2nd season. There’s not enough material yet. There IS the wn, but that’s apparantly a pretty mediocre version of the ln with a lot of content missing/added to the LN to make it more coherent and to connect plots better. Haven’t read it myself, but that’s what I could repeatedly find on the web.

  • Since there is an anime now, I am wondering, is there really just one volume of this?

  • Yeah, I recall th WN got nice review. Something about a party of scoundrels ended up saved the world in the end.

    Though, I am wondering how did it get translated into “disilussioned” ?

    Well, whatever. Time to give it a try!

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