The Drab Princess, the Black Cat, and the Satisfying Break-up

Are Sweets and Cats the Key to Peacefully Calling Off an Engagement?!

Seren, the eldest daughter of a duke, has grown up being teased for her plain looks, nicknamed “Princess Drab” in comparison to her younger sister, who is a real beauty. One day she overhears her fiancé, Prince Helios, and his friends talking about how her sister would make a much better wife.

In order to avoid marriage with the prince, Seren plans to become a top-level magician and gain the freedom that comes with the title. To achieve this, she teams up with a black cat, a familiar lent to her by Viol, leader of the Ice Magicians, after she finds out about his secret weakness to sweets! Together they’re going to do whatever it takes to bring a peaceful end to her unwanted engagement!

Associated Names
Jimihime to Kuroneko no, Enman na Konyaku Haki
The Dull Princess and the Black Cat’s Amicable Engagement Annulment

Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official Cross Infinite World

Vol 1-4 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 4

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Comments 5

  • i wasn’t sure about the title and the cliche premise, but it’s actually kinda decent. Likeable characters, issues were resolved in a way that lives up to the title “Satisfying Break-up”. Pretty satisfying to see the female MC’s growth too. The romance element is quite well done for a shoujo/romance LN, and the main plot and romance i think wraps up nicely in these 3 volume. Though I did see that there is a volume 4, so not sure how it will go from there.

  • Thank you for the update! ^_^

  • You know the usual “first paragraph is about the MC´s breakup” thing in other LN with similar synopsis?
    Or that the characters around the MC are kinda selfish ego-centrics, thinking only that the MC is a bother for some absurd reason?

    Yeah, this is NOT what this LN is about!
    Have a good read, or not!

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