Free Life Fantasy Online – Immortal Princess

Gamer girl Kotone is thrilled when she receives a copy of Free Life Fantasy Online, a.k.a. FLFO from her younger sister. In the world of FLFO, Kotone decides to become a zombie, one of the game’s inhuman races that’s difficult to master–even for experienced players. But that’s not a deterrent to Kotone. In fact, when she embarks on her first quest, she finds a world of wonders that are about to become a huge part of her IRL life!

Associated Names
Free Life Fantasy Online: I’ve Started Immortal Princess
Free Life Fantasy Online ~Beginning of the Inhuman Princess~
Free Life Fantasy Online ~Immortal Princess Hajimemashita~
Free Life Fantasy Online ~Jingai Hime Sama, Hajimemashita~

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Shounen, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 6

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Comments 19

  • there’s already vol 6

  • Battle scenes are lack luster and could have been far better

  • Where’s Yuri…?

  • Thanks for fixing!

  • I really love this genre where people play VRMMO’s a lot so I might be a bit biased. Nonetheless FLFO has lots of the usual problems, many novels of the genre face. The playerbase is just too small, everyone plays on the same server / instance. It’s impossoble to cramp 20k player and later 60k into the same starter town, game worlds are absolutely not comparable to reality in scale. A server usually hosts around 5000 to 10k players spread over the whole map. Also the company would go bancrupt with not even 100k players especially for creating such a realistic game that would probably cost a billion dollars to create.

    I would in general love it when those games have a better balance of real life and time spend inside the game. FLFO spends some time in reality but it’s basically just the MC having dinner while talking with her sister about the game, doing some stretches and going to bed, nothing else happening in her private life. She is also a model student, loves cooking, is gentle, extremely pretty and so on, basically a male fantasy come to life.

    The game offers all kinds of races, however most seem to be gag races and are not suitable for normal playing. The MC chooses such a race, Zombie, but soon discovers a secret room that turns her into a human looking undead royality and also provides her with endgame gear right from the start. In other words, she is absolutely overpowered.

    While the MC states that she is mainly a fighter with weapon and magic at the same boosted by her special race and equipment so there is no need to choose what kind of role one normaly could do because of lack of skillpoints. The novel concentrates a lot on crafting. Mainly cooking and later also a bit alchemy mixed in. As a reader I was at least happy that it wasn’t about Japanese cooking, yet again. She mainly makes western food (so far) like steaks and even hot dogs. The descriptions can become a bit exhausting, though.

    But as I mentioned in the first sentence, I love the genre so I also enjoyed the first two volumes (so far) despite all the usual flaws that sadly almost every novel of that genre faces despite being totally unnecessary. I like the aspect of leveling up, making new friends and interacting with them, as some kind of slice of life story that still has action and fighting at the same.

  • The WN has a very good start but then the author started to use Lovecraftian lore just too much that it gotten so confusingly boring. Hope the LN will do better.

  • why the hell is half the novel spent with her trying to cook shit? holy fuck what a disappointment

  • Im not disappointed. At all.

  • This comment section is hilarious LMAO
    That cover is incredible bait

  • Glad that LN are getting translated, the WN’s pretty good.

  • YALL

  • I’m heavily leaned towards yuri.

  • I’m neutral towards yuri.

  • Being positive, I do hope it’s full of yuri.

  • Not being negative, but I hope there’s no yuri on it

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