The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life

The Kingdom of Endalgia was destroyed by rampaging monsters coming from the Demon Forest.

The alchemist, Mariela, was able to escape almost certain death by using the “Magic Circle of Suspended Animation.” Although it was somewhat inadvertent, she awoke nearly 200 years later, in a time where all other alchemists had died out.

A labyrinth was left where the demons had stampeded through. In this labyrinth, a city formed from what little remained of the Kingdom of Endalgia. Its purpose was to manage the Demon Forest.

In this city, the only remaining potions were decades old and the effectiveness of these potions had deteriorated. This caused the price of potions to increase by nearly 100 times.

Mariela became the only alchemist left in the city able to make potions. This story is about Mariela secretly selling potions while trying to relax and enjoy life in the labyrinth city.

Associated Names –
Ikinokori Renkinjutsushi wa Machi de Shizuka ni Kurashitai
The Last Surviving Alchemist Wants to Live Quietly in the City

Genre –
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life.

Translation Group
Official Yen Press Ver

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 6

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Comments 21

  • Not very good to be honest.

  • Actually it’s really good.

  • Well this is one of my favourite novel. Thx……….:) Good story like it very much

  • Certainly one of the better ones, at least better than Altina oder Mushoku Tensei, even though the latter is an Isekai.
    However I do agree that the start is very aprubt and the circumstances are not very well explained, I do hope the author will enlighten us as to what led to the whole scenario.

  • Thank you for this!! It’s getting more and more interesting. I can’t wait for volume 3.

  • Volume 3 is out now, am waiting for it to reach here.

  • This is perfect to read when you want some light adventure. The story is slow-paced but surprisingly, it fits well considering the genre. Moreover, things are getting more interesting this volume.
    Thank you again for the fast update!!!

  • That thing is good. vol 1 is good, 2 gets better, I have yet to read 3

  • Finally vol.5. Thanks

  • well that’s another series done and dusted. an ok read overall

  • Just started reading this series, I’m just around page 52 of the first volume of the pdf version of the LN and…Can someone please explain to me what’s the general topography and layout of the “Citadel City” and the “Kingdom of Endalsia” as well as their surrounding areas?

    I just can’t understand nor imagine how they generally are laid out based on how the LN tries to explain them like “The entrance to the Kingdom of Endalsia”–supposed to be surrounded by an outer wall that is supposed to surround the capital?–It just doesn’t make sense to me. Makes it sounds like the country was surrounded by walls but doubt that was the case, probably impossible or close to impossible and again doesn’t make any sense but I digress. From within the “Citadel City” the outer walls’ large gate was also seemingly visible to the MC during the coming of the stampeded, also doesn’t make sense to me–how big, far, and where was the “Citadel City” supposed to be and what? It just really bothers me not knowing how the place really looks like.

    If anyone would kindly explain to me how that all makes sense, please do. If this isn’t the right place to talk about it, please feel free to correct me and contact me via discord if possible if you want to talk about it there. My user name is N0mad7, #5091.

    • The way I understand it, the Citadel City is what was formerly (before the stampede) the capital. It was surrounded by walls, after the stampede ruins of which are still here and there but most have been reclaimed by nature (forest). The former core of the city is now Citadel City.
      I”m sure there is a map somewhere, so if you are really interested perhaps search for a WIKI.

      • Slr, forgot about it and had been reading various other LN’s from here.

        Thank you for your explanation, it makes much more sense and is easier to picture going by how you’ve kindly broke it down to detail. I have to re-read from the start again to make a better sense out of it though, not sure where I stopped so perfect timing.

        Take care and thank you.

  • Can we get the PDF please? :3

  • PDF??? Missing

  • What will be first, the PDF of Volume 5 or the release of Volume 6? 😛

  • We got Nero asking the real questions.

  • PDF at last. Thank you. Just a few minutes shy of two months on the dot.

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