The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power – Forget My Sister! Turns Out I Was the Real Saint All Along!

Lady Carolina, the overlooked daughter of a powerful duke, has always believed herself to be the black sheep amid her illustrious kin. Her father is the distinguished prime minister; her elder sister, a prodigious mage destined to become their nation’s next Saint. In comparison, Carolina resigns herself to a quiet existence in their shadows until a sudden and unexpected royal decree alters her destiny, thrusting her into a political marriage with the formidable “Bloodthirsty Prince” of the neighboring Empire of Malcosias. Determined to prove her worth, Carolina takes a bold step into a world fraught with both political and mortal peril. As royal obligations intertwine with hints of true love and the stirrings of her own latent power, Carolina moves ever closer to understanding what it truly means to be exceptional.

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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  • I really liked vol. 1 but vol. 2 is, ugh, boooooriiiing!

    I only read the first half of vol. 2 so far after that I couldn’t take it anymore. They married but of course no consumption of the marriage, the “saint” stays virgin and I doubt that will change anytime soon if at all, despite them being all lovey dovey all the time. Strangely enough, because there are some hints that the prince isn’t in fact virgin, but maybe the author will deny that later on?

    The way the nobles’ speak sounds stilted and artificial. The author took great pains to make them sound noble but seriously I doubt nobles would care to speak this way when they’re alone or even flirting especially since the emporer and empress asked that they should talk “normal” among each other.

    So the MC gets to know she is the “Saint” or better someone who got the gift of divine power, the term saint isn’t used in the novel. But there is no talk about what she should do now or how they should act towards her home country.

    There is also two scenes where they go hunting and both can be described as cruelty against animals and even the dainty FMC just shrugs it off.

    And last but not least, I really can’t see the FMC as a Cinderella. She grew up as a noble lady who had handmaidens all her life. Only her sister bullied her a lot, thats it. When Carolina laments how unfair and difficult her life has been I can only shake my head: “Girl, you never ever had to work a day in your life, what are you on about?” She is no Cinderella, quite the opposite.

  • Read up to Vol 1

    Good enough writing, good enough characters. While the setting is seemingly very much on the “its all good” trip, there is potential for future asshole action.

    That said, the LN reads very much like a distilled version of “Omnipotent saint” and “Plotting from the dragon king´s lap” story beats with enough originality to be quite okay.
    That leads me to believe that its gonna be a nice, mild plot and comfortable harshness.

  • pretty decent read. characters are likeable, interesting enough plot and pacing. just take note that there isn’t a ton of romance in the first volume compared to the more typical “political marriage” type novels, if that’s what you’re looking for. though with the way things are going, pretty sure it will head that direction sooner or later.

  • Thank you so much for this, Admin-sama.

    Thank you for being generous and letting us have a chance to read a wide variety of Light Novels. 🙇♥️

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