Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster

Meet Mary Albert, daughter of a rich and powerful duke. With her neat silver ringlets and impeccable manners, she’s the perfect young lady. But Mary harbors an unusual ambition—her own downfall!

On the day of her school entrance ceremony, Mary realizes she’s living in an otome game she played in her past life. Not only that, but she’s the villainess who’s destined to torment the heroine, be cast out of noble society, and end her story in ruin. Most would do anything to avoid such a miserable fate, but not Mary! She cheerfully dives into the wicked role she was born to play, setting a course for catastrophe and dragging along her exasperated servant, Adi. He grudgingly assists in her schemes despite his sardonic misgivings about this whole past life business.

However, not all goes to plan. Despite her best efforts to bully and harass the gentle heroine, Alicia seems blind to Mary’s intentions, even coming to see her as a friend. What must our villainess do to achieve her dreams of doom?!

Genre –
Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club ver

Vol 1-5 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 5

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Comments 5

  • I really like this series, the initial premise is resolved in the first volume, but the later volumes keep introducing fun new characters and plots. The whole series is funny and cute IMO and although the romance is light in the first couple volumes, it increases/improves significantly in later volumes!

  • very interesting

  • The story is ok but i feel the romance part is pretty weak

  • i remember reading the manga of this… it was kinda fun but not that good

    The story at least on the manga was pretty ok a by the numbers story, She is you tipical air-head, overly positive, cute and dense as a bag of stones main character, she reincarnated as the villaness trying to avoid a bad ending all the storybits you expect are here at least in the manga it was competently made not bad at all but a story you have read a 1000 times already

    now, The second story of the manga that one is really interesting, it completly changes the formula she goes to study to another academy the place where game 2 story takes place and she sees the story ocuur as an outsider with several twists, turns out the villaness and the heroine of game 2 are both isekai (is not a mistery or a spoiler is revealed from the very beggining when the characters are introduced) and the 2 girls are basically at war with each other

    • Did you perhaps mean to post this on a different novel page, because that description differs radically from the synopsis given here.

      I was actually quite intrigued by said synopsis, but if this is actually like what you described, I’m gonna be avoiding this like the plague.

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