Taking My Reincarnation One Step at a Time No One Told Me There Would Be Monsters!

Even as a working adult, Sarasa Ichinokura suffers from an unshakable fatigue that’s plagued her since childhood. She goes to bed one night, exhausted from her office job, and encounters a goddess(?) who informs her that her perpetual lack of energy is actually due to a deficit of “mana.” Then, without any further explanation or time to process what’s happening to her, Sarasa is thrust into a fantasy world!

She awakens in the body of a ten-year-old girl in a strange land filled with flying beasts and oversized wolves. She accordingly prepares for the worst, but a monster hunter named Nelly takes her in. The hitch is…now that Sarasa finally has the energy to do everything she wants to, being cooped up in a cabin is just no fun! She seeks to stand on her own in this scary new world—and that’s going to mean learning magic.

It may be slow going, but Sarasa knows what to do—the best way to take her reincarnation is one step at a time!

Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi.

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  • is the site dead? almost 2 weeks with no update

  • yeah i dont get it at all, there is zero reincarnation in the story, it says in the description she got thrown into a 10 yr old body, so that would be transmigration… is it not?

  • Your version of volume 04 has the same problem as every version I have found, if you unzip the epub and go into OEBPS>Images you will find a image named “bunny_marker” that is supposed to be for scene changes in the book, and it isn’t in the book, just in the files.

  • okay the number of click throughs need to get to the book is getting really ridiculous

    • Probably because adblock now had gotten really aggressive. I mean, the whole web (blogtechh and other sites like it i.g.) had been quite literally “shaven” of its content and left with only next and continue button hahahahaha xD As a user with Ublock installed it was overly glorious.

  • There are no links!! Could you please fix it

  • volume 2 please

  • Very refreshing. The MC uses her power in some smart ways, and in ways (that are obvious to people who live in modern day, but maybe not obvious to people who don’t), takes lots of precautions before venturing out into the world, doesn’t feel the need to force justice on people who discriminate…

    Although I dislike the trope of “character refuses to give sufficient info to MC” at least there’s somewhat a reason. Hopefully they expand on it more.

    I just hope it doesn’t devolve into the cliche romance between the MC and the first guy she meets who treats her decently.

    Give it a try if you’re tired of the constant cooking and/or overpowered MC tropes in isekai. Although there’s some of that in this, it’s more subdued and how the MC deals with situations is interesting, in that she usually waits things out instead of charging headfirst.

    Excited for the next one.

  • Volume 2’s out. Please update. Thank you.

  • The MC is a fucking moron and gets herself into trouble because she ignored the strict advice of her mentor for a childish reason. She’s supposed to mentally be in her mid-twenties or whatever, but she acts like a child. Maybe the author forgot that fact?

    • What advice? Are you talking about that Sara is supposed to meet Chris and doesn’t ask about Nelly because she doesn’t like him?
      Here in the official LN Chris isn’t in town so she can’t even meet up with him and when he returns he is in a real hurry and always surrounded by others so she has no chance to ask about Nelly. Granted, she kinda has a bad impression because he seems cold and distant at first but that is because he is under a lot of pressure at that time and when they meet a second time she also gets no chance to ask about Nelly and probably even didn’t think about it in that moment but her impression of him gets better.

      I do partly agree that she doesn’t really act like an adult, however what does that actually mean here? That she doesn’t take control or charge at every opportunity? That she doesn’t tell Allen what he should do? That she more or less does whatever Nelly tells her and doesn’t pry? Nelly is an adult of that world and unlike Sara knows everything about it.
      Sara does her thing, though. As a working Japanese adult who always has been exhausted she spends the first two years just enjoying her life at the mountain cabin cooking, cleaning and studying magic and only in the later half starts to train her stamina to be able to walk longer and longer distances, she is in the body of an untrained twelve years old, after all.

      She didn’t ask about the world because Nelly isn’t very talkative about it and because she thought they would go together so when the time comes Nelly would explain things.

    • >She’s supposed to mentally be in her mid-twenties or whatever, but she acts like a child.

      Every isekai protagonist ever. If there’s ever one series that actually matches the age of their previous life without cheats, them being prodigy in everything, without the series turning into some sort of trade and business novel, and me losing brain-cells especially, please reply.

      • Off my read list…

        * I Won 4 Billion in a Lottery But I Went to Another World
        * Adventure of the Boy With a Mind of a Middle-aged Man
        * Wizard Raised Through TRPG is Still the Strongest in the Other World

        There’s a couple great Western series that totally fits too.
        The Ninth Realm being amongst my fav; it’s an isekai wuxia but the main characters are mature and rational.

  • A very fluff and relaxed read.

    Sara reminds me a lot of Maple from “I don’t want to get hurt so I’ll max out my Defense” because she creates a magic shield so all monsters bounce off her and she is quite airheaded at times as well, just enjoying her new life without thinking too much. Thankfully the story skips from ten years old to twelve pretty fast, using this time using this as an explain how she gets better and better at magic. On the other hand even after spending two years with Nelly in solitude at a mountain hut she never uses that time to gain knowledge about her new world, she doesn’t even know what money looks like despite Nelly going to town once in a while and buy things for her and also selling the medical plants Sara collected.

    One day Nelly doesn’t return to their cabin so Sara sets out to find her and that’s when the difficulties start…
    Once reaching town Sara meets Allan an orphan who wants to save up so he can join the adventurer’s guild and go dungeon diving. Allan has an abundance of mana so most people can’t stand being near him. As an “invited” (from another world) Sara’s and her fellow “invited” job is to basically suck up the excess mana of that world so she is not affected by people who have a lot of it.

    They both face a lot of difficulties but also meet several nice adults who in a roundabout way help them a lot. Also, at least for the reader, it son becomes clear that Nelly is no ordinary groundkeeper either.

    When I saw the pictures of Sara and some cute wolf tagging besides her I first thought that she would get animal companions, as it turns out the meaning of the picture was that the wolves attacked her but she just ignored them while happily plodding along.

    I really can’t wait to read more!

  • Very fun read!
    Not overly fast paced, just a good solid story.

  • Read up to Vol 1

    MC is somewhat on the airheaded side of things, and has a fair few misunderstandings between herself and the people in the world.
    MC was a 20-something woman before getting isekaied, so she does behave like a adult, including knowing that some things are better left unsaid/asked, and tries to rectify her understanding of the world when prompted to.

    Good points are decent enough writing, a lack of “and bad guy X got killed as punishment” whiplash in what reads like a feel-okay novel, as well as the world not bending over for the MC still. The world also partially discriminates between “normal” people and hunters/adventures/strong people, which is an interesting take.

    I´d like to read more and see how the story and overall plot progresses.

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