King’s Proposal

Two Bodies in One

With looks to die for, Saika Kuozaki is the most powerful mage in existence and the only one who can thwart the annihilation factors that attempt to destroy the world once every three hundred hours. When Saika is mortally wounded, however, she bequeaths both her powers and body to the normal high school boy who happens to find her, Mushiki Kuga. Just because Mushiki inherits her abilities, though, doesn’t mean he can control them. To stand a chance of saving the world, Mushiki will have to attend an academy for mages as Saika—while trying to keep his true identity under wraps!

Associated Names
King Propose Brilliant Colors Witch
Lời cầu hôn của quân vương

Action, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Supernatural

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-4 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 4

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Comments 10

  • Peeps working on this one are the same ones who worked in Date a live, all of them, so you might think it’s similar but no, it’s quite different, maybe opposite even.

    first of all, there’s no harem, MC is really down bad to one woman.
    second, in DaL Shidou can’t fight at all, in this one the MC handles pretty much all of the fights.
    third, MC is not dense.

    main plot is cliche but nowadays everything is cliche, what makes this one different despite having cliches is that it’s not cringe

  • Nice, the title isn’t a weird pun this time and saving the world is more than preventing a harem from going bananas.

    • I was confused at first but it actually makes sense because Proposals comes after Dates, though in this case there’s not even any date, MC just went and proposed immediately which imo makes it better than other series because in this way the author can focus on the RomCom and world building and not add dramas that takes too much time and pages until it gets resolved.

  • Volume 3 please🥺

  • Is the translation going on?

  • It’s an interesting Novel, I hope Volume 2 gets translated soon

  • LOL. Didnt know it was from the same author as Date A Live. But this one feels a lot more cliche : the standard “Magic School to protect humanity from unknown invaders” troupe with OP protagonist. But with protagonist somewhat obsessed with a girl (though now he stuck in that girl body, so it feels like self-cest sometimes, he even kissed his own reflection LOL)

    Well, it wasnt that all bad. Decent, but nothing new.

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