Fake Saint of the Year: You Wanted the Perfect Saint? Too Bad!

After yet another late night of playing his favorite dating sim, Fudou Niito—a self-proclaimed lazy NEET—suddenly wakes up to find himself inside the game! Stranger still, he hasn’t been reincarnated as the main character, Verner, or as his beloved waifu, Eterna… Instead, he’s Ellize, the absolutely awful fake saint who stole Eterna’s rightful place and made her life a living hell!

And so, Niito now has one goal: change the story to ensure the game’s tragic heroine finally gets the happy ending she deserves! To do that, he’ll have to play matchmaker for Verner and Eterna while also boosting the saint’s popularity! Can this imposter scheme his way into a happy future for his favorite character?

Associated Names
Fake Saint of the Year
Nise Seijo Kuso of The Year (Previously)
Risou no Seijo? Zannen, Nise Seijo deshita! ~ Kuso of the Year to Yobareta Akuyaku ni Tensei Shita n daga ~

Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Mystery, School Life

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  • This was a really wholesome mini-series. I enjoyed every bit of the ride, it never got boring and the MC’s inner monologue antics were hilarious. Vol. 4 also was a nice wrap-up leaving no loose ends.

  • Hell yeas, imma binge this novel in a matter of seconds now, thanks oh the ancient ones.

  • This has been such a nice series to read from start to finish. The plot progresses steadily, easy to read through, the comedic elements from the MC’s crass inner monologues provides comic relief from the otherwise rather depressing world, and it has an interesting enough backstory and logical enough premise to wrap everything up nicely. Being able to wrap up a story nicely these days are kinda rare when you have so many other series that seems to drag on with minuscule amount of plot progression with each volume. Nice and fun read. o7

  • Volume 4 has been out for 2 days

  • Today marks the day of the 4th volume release, I shall patiently be waiting here for the upload by the oh ancient ones.

  • I genuinely think this might be my favourite light novel series ever, makes it all the more painful that it’s so short.

  • Series must not be that popular if volume 4 (Based on the Afterword in 3) is the final volume.

    • @Amaranth,

      The web novel was ended on vol 3 because the author already had the story ending planned + after story. The LN got 4 volumes probably because it will cover final battle plus after story. The main story + after story properly concludes all plot and answered all questions. It’s not AXED, the story simply ends there. The author had no intention to prolong it for money.

      This series is good because it’s SHORT. Thanks to that the story is consistent and actually PROGRESS and actually end.

      Lots of japanese LN ended up dragging its story without actually progressing anywhere because the author just keep adding contents without proper plan and no any idea how to actually end it.

      Have you read Bakarina? The LN should’ve already completed its main conflict, yet it kept going without any directions. Have you read shield hero LN and WN? The LN got dragged far too long while the WN already ended nicely. Better be short rather than going without any directions.

      • Preach about the dragging the story far beyond tolerable. Its the main reason why went from loving to hating Tearmoon Empire, the bubbly warm story, got replaced with ever escalating story stakes.

        The author also never even bother to give the reader some breathing room, like having the heroine going around her territory and describe how it has become since the story started.

    • Wrong, the Web novel also only about 3 volume long, plus some bonus chapters.

      I believe the author has already envision the story from start to finish even before the story got popular. Kodus to them for sticking to the drawing board and didn’t bloat up the story beyond it needs to.

      • Idk what you guys are talking about. First of all Tearmoon empire is great, the first part is mid and it’s when the stakes are raised that it gets good. Second the WN for this novel is being adapted pretty much 1:1, meaning the story was never supposed to end in volume 3, volume 4 is as intended as you get. Idk how popular it is but based on the number of reviews and views on novel updates I’d say fairly popular the length has nothing to do with it, it’s just how much the author decided to write. Actually the fact that this got a LN adaptation speaks to it’s popularity and writing style even though it’s so short… It was finished ages ago so the publishers knew exactly what they were doing

  • You know a story is good when you blitz through it even though it’s your second time reading it. I was hoping we’d get more after the WN but the afterword of volume 3 confirmed volume 4 is the end. I’m disappointed and my day is ruined. But thanks for the books can’t wait for vol 4

  • Upload all the volume when release. if you read the wn to the end.

    you guys will get Really Get surprise Ride.

    from comedy mix with really serious stuff.

  • Surprisingly decent read. (Read up to Vol 2)

    MC is actually realistic-ish isekaied dude who has NOT assimilated wikipedia for knowledge, instead having a fair bit of knowledge from the game the setting is apparently based on.
    Do note that MC is not an airhead, but simply average-performing in the thought/planning department for a normal human being.
    Meaning MC has low-ish long term planning ability.

    Apart from that, without adding spoilers, the premise of this isekai/”im a princess/saint” OP character is actually different from others ive read, and kinda interesting as well as being actually integrated into the plot, instead of getting left hanging.

    All in all, 7,8/10 Non-IGN scale.

  • Wow… This is better than I expected. I’m not exactly a connoisseur who could analyze book but I think it was great. I’ll be waiting for volume 2, looks like the official english translation has been released.

  • To this day one of the best WN I read that was not the same generic isekai slice of life crap. There’s some heavy twists in the story that made it way better than I was expecting it to be.

    And Ellize is truly one amazing character. Basically an OP godess. I wish I could forget about this novel to read again since it’s not as fun if you know all the plotwists. xD

  • I always believed that “of the Year” part of the title was a mistake with English by the original author, confusing it for “generation”.

    • That makes more sense for me now. Thanks!

    • ‘Fake saint of the year’ is the translation of the original WN (Nise Seijo Kuso of The Year). Yeah, THE YEAR is in engrish (katakana). The MC is a chuunbiyou who like using engrish for special attacks because the sound cool, hence the title actually reflect the MC personality.

      The author later changed the title into a stupidly long yet generic title typical to japanese LN which could be translated as ‘Greatest saint of all time? Wrong! I am just a fake saint – reincarnated as the most trashy villainous character of the year’

    • Also “The Year” is actually refer to the MC being a playful narcist exaggerating about herself…

      “The winner of the best Fake Saint of this year is MEEE!!”

  • I read the WN so I’ll check out the pics.

    It starts out as comedy but pivots into tragedy halfway though, it has some interesting stuff like actually seeing the game change through MCs actions. MC’s inner monologue is kinda weird but the story is good… The MC thinks of him/herself as a scoundrel but acts like a super Saint…

  • Is this gender bender

  • I’ve already downloaded it but i’m doubting if i’d actually read it. I try reading it now. Thanks for the review.

  • Wahooo official translation!!!

    I read the WN TL and it was so good. A strange mix of comedy and tragedy, the POV of MC is all jokes while other’s POV can be quite tragic. Only 3 volumes but it was a satisfying read (it was actually a good thing since it had a clear goal and didnt dragged out)

    10/10 for me. But maybe not for others

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