Dragon Daddy Diaries – A Girl Grows to Greatness

“Daddy!” The dragon blinked as the wee little human called out to him. Him? Her “Daddy”? Powerful enough to have been venerated by humankind, yet warmhearted and even a tad ditzy, the dragon soon finds himself raising and doting on the precocious Olivia as if she really were his daughter in this touching tale. The toddler may be impossibly cute now, but just you wait—she’s a curious child and she’s growing up real fast. You can bet that one day, she’ll be the strongest human there is! But first, how will he handle little Olivia receiving an acceptance letter to a human school?

Associated Names
A Baby Journal of the Strongest Dragon Who Suddenly Became a Dad
Totsuzen Papa ni Natta Saikyou Dragon no Kosodate Nikki: Kawaii Musume, Honobono to Ningenkai Saikyou ni Sodatsu

Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, School Life

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Vol 1-4 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 4

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Comments 11

  • This is a really cute read. And it’s only 4 volumes, so it doesn’t overstay its welcome either.

  • I simply love this series, it’s so wholesome and warm.

  • Just the right amount of fluff if not even more so, point is, so soothing and wholesome, a bit emotional too.

    As for the shortcomings or strangeness that I found to be personally off-putting or out of place as far as my personal preferences and general oponion goes. The novel is to be blunt, broken, op and oblivious mc and stuff. Not really much of a problem, still a relaxing and a relatively fun read. But, vol 2. seems to me to be heading to a strange direction and perhaps foreshadowing something possibly big later on despite the usual chill vibes given it is still in a typically mix of medieval and modern swords and magic world. I can only hope it doesn’t ruin the current hype and vibe of the novel as the fluff would be a shame if tarnished by it. Could be just me but yeah.

  • The wholesomeness continues. Thank you for uploading

  • 2nd volume please

  • Need the 2nd volume love it.

  • Loved it. It was a quick read that warmed you right up. Sometimes after reading something difficult I like to read stuff like this. Just the right amount of fluff. Can’t wait for the next volume and the manga to come out.

  • Is the comedy here good? Worth reading?

    • >Worth reading?
      I liked it, but then again I’m a sucker for cute/heartwarming stories.
      >Is the comedy here good?
      Not really, IMO. It’s mostly the typical “overpowered character don’t notices how overpowered he is”.

  • You named after Reincarnated as a dragon egg?

  • omg wat is dis

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