Amalgam Hound

A Faithful Hound or a Violent Machine? Amalgams: fearsome tactical weapons deployed to the front lines of battle. As the leader of a special investigation unit tasked with hunting down rogue Amalgams, Theo Starling has no love for these tools of war. In a strange twist of fate, he’s assigned a partner named Eleven, who looks like a young girl—but she’s actually an astonishingly lifelike Amalgam. And though Eleven is incapable of understanding human emotions, Theo must cast aside his reservations as they work together to uncover a terrorist plot threatening the nation…!

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  • Its quite like other mystery novels like Yor Forma and the like, where its a human being partnered with some OP creature with the appearance of a human, and they go solve cases, while going through how the current cases connect with the backstories of the main cast.

    Volume 1 is really is just a fundamentally solidly written mystery scifi novel, where it uses the settings and characters of the genre to great effect. The main cast is likeable, there’s well placed dramatic scenes, some cute moments, and most importantly, a pretty workable mystery with the amalgam tech, but it feels like there’s quite a bit of contrivances here which might lead to some predictable writing/more contrivances later down the line. I’m looking forward to volume 2, but I hope the author has the sauce and it doesn’t become the same formulaic slog after a few volumes, which is unfortunate, but common

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