A Misanthrope Teaches a Class for Demi-Humans

THESE GIRLS AREN’T HUMAN, BUT THEY ADMIRE HUMANS MORE THAN ANYONE. I’m Rei Hitoma, a self-professed misanthrope thanks to some past trauma. Just when I thought my new teaching job in the mountains would provide a chill, rejuvenating environment, it turns out that this school is actually for demi-humans who want to become full-fledged human beings! There’s a mermaid, a werewolf, a rabbit, and a bird…all of whom are now my charges. It’s my duty to teach them about humankind—and maybe in the process, I’ll learn a few things myself. This isn’t an alternate world or a case of reincarnation. It’s just the story of a teacher at a somewhat peculiar school and his students who are striving to become human.

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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Official Yen Press

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Comments 3

  • This is written by the Niji vtuber, lol. Is it completed at 2 volumes?

  • Somewhat decent and engaging read, but the side characters are heavily underutilized as of volume 1 and the school doesn’t feel alive – just skipping from one scene to another like in a visual novel or something. Also when you learn the cause of MC’s troubles – which are supposed to be important enough to even make their way into the title of the series – you’d be like: “Huh? How thin-skinned can you be?”

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