The Unimplemented Overlords Have Joined the Party!

THREE’S A CROWD… BUT SIX OVERLORDS?! Young gamer Shuutarou is among the lucky few chosen to playtest Eternity, the latest VRMMORPG, and he wastes no time in activating his unique Create Dungeon skill…at the exact moment the game glitches! Now he and his fellow playtesters are trapped, and their lives are at stake. Shuutarou happens to end up in the one area that has yet to be patched into the game: the final-boss lair where the six Evil Overlords lurk. They promptly declare him their master— and with Eternity’s strongest baddies on his team, Shuutarou is up for any adventures this new life throws at him!

Associated Names
Mijissou no Last Boss-tachi ga Nakama ni Narimashita.
The Unimplemented End-stage Enemies Have Joined Us!
The Unimplemented Last Bosses are my Friends.
The Unimplemented Last Boss is my Friend

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Tragedy

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1 epub/pdf
Latest Update: Vol 1

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Comments 4

  • It’s very super good, It’s exactly what i’m looking for, This is the closest thing to OVERLORD.

  • As Lunox already stated, the novel has 3 MC’s, the one from the title (age around 12) who gets to rule the games’ bosses through a bug, a newbie girl playing an archer, also around 12 years old, and the leader of the biggest guild, around 20, who isn’t really fleshed out, it’s more about his guild. A side character, age 28, is labelled as “old man”. So far for JRPG tropes…
    While for once the number of players for a newly released (VR)MMORPG with 350,000 was pretty accurate there was no mention of server instances, they were all together in the same starter town at the same time. *AARRRGHHH*

    Also there was no “reset” after the beta. I don’t know one single MMORPG that doesn’t have a wipe before official release so everyone starts with a clean slate to keep things relatively fair. But here we have level 30 – 40 players with tons of money and good equipment meeting complete newbies.
    I think that player killers are usually not murderers in real life so would abstain from it in such a situation. Guess that’s another trope for such novels.

    I already mentioned in my other post that locking people into a VR game while they use a generic headset also is impossible.

    These technicalities aside it is a pretty solid story. It has the usual writing-style problems at the beginning but gets better by time. However, as often, it’s not really edited.

    The motivation of the “Mother AI” however stays hidden, one of the overlords gets a background story revealing that “Mother AI” “ruled” over many artificial(?) worlds (they all have a RPG level system) and that there are subordinate admins who also seemingly have their own goals.

    I really hope the author does something logical with these settings in future volumes.

  • not too bad for a first volume. it was a little slow at first and the way it was written is sort of split between 3 different “protagonists”, and arguably the “MC” mentioned in the summary actually felt like it has less screen time than the others. But sort of understandable too since you can tell from the summary that he’s the lucky “OP” one that got massive power just dropped onto his lap. but i think the way it was written sort of works thinking about it. the writing is…. just okay… and honestly i don’t feel like any of the characters are all that interesting… but the “die in VR die in real life” trope is a little rarer these days so will if there are more volumes in the future, will probably give those a try too.

    • I just started reading it, so far, so bland, but has some interesting ideas so I’ll continue.

      What I really can’t stand is, that the premise is completely illogical. In SAO the author at least implemented some ideas how this could work (the VR headset itself was manipulated) but just a missing log out button in the menu? Sorry, that’s BS. After two days people would start to die of dehydration, but everyone could simply remove the headset and break the connection or outsiders could cut the power. Also, no headset would be allowed on the market that can send a signal to the brain that would kill the wearer. It only worked in SAO because it was a hidden feature. But here people are using regular headsets not specially made one’s for the game (at least there is no mention of that so far).

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