The Conqueror from a Dying Kingdom

As a self-professed no-lifer, Yuri idles his days away in front of a computer. This all changes the moment his life in Japan comes to an abrupt end and he finds himself reborn in the strange new world of the Shiyalta Kingdom. His new life includes everything he once lacked: loving parents, a comfortable home, and a promising future breeding and raising birds on his dad’s ranch.

For centuries, the kingdom he now calls home has enjoyed peace and prosperity, shielded by friendly nations that, like Shiyalta itself, were established with the collapse of a once-great empire. War is a distant problem, relevant only to Shiyalta’s ruling families whose warriors periodically set out to join the fighting upon massive birds trained by Yuri’s dad and others. But this peaceful existence can’t last forever. Something rotten lies at the heart of the kingdom, and it doesn’t take someone with Yuri’s exceptional intelligence to realize that those distant battles will only remain irrelevant for so long.

Associated Names
Horobi no Kuni no Seifukusha: Maou wa Sekai wo Seifuku Suruyoudesu (LN)
Conqueror of Dying Kingdom

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, School Life, Slice of Life

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  • DUDE!!!! Vol 6 ending was to much! I feel like an addict that wants to learn Japanese just to get my vol 7 fix……
    Author is Just to unfair

  • Stupid fuck.

  • I don’t understand why the author made an alternate Earth in fantasy. It’s so dumb. “How’d it take me a whole seven years to realize it?” – How would MC realize it while living on a ranch?

  • Delete spoilers(

  • Yooo… That’s a spoiler for vol 6. Not cool, man…

  • not sure what i expected but not even an attempt to go do basic physics, chemistry, and astronomy experiments is really really interesting, ngl

    sure you can’t do any of the fancy stuff like salt experiments or a voltaic cell or spectroscopy, but the least you can do is some lye shit, diffraction grates, stargazing, gravitational acceleration testing, verification of laws of conservation, friction coefficient testing, measurement definition, etc.

    there’s so much to do, so much to see, so why the fuck have you taken no back streets

  • wait a sec is this just worse prophecon? lmao

  • the prime proof is so showboating
    here’s a much faster one to use:

    take all the primes you know, multiply one copy of them all together, and then add 1. the result by definition has a remainder of one to all the primes you know (modulo 1)

    then that means either it is a new prime, or it is a product of several new primes you don’t know about, guaranteed. then, you can try and go dig with the iterative test for prime components (divide it by n, if prime then take result and repeat, otherwise add one to n until n^2 > target)

    typically you can pull it off with just picking one copy of a subset, but sometimes this will lead to duplicates; the safest bet is to just throw them all together and guarantee a new prime pops out.

  • first volume has a lot of points to tsukkomi, normally i wouldn’t but my expectations have been set too high lol

  • Now begins the long wait for vol 7. I just hope the light novel takes a different route from the web novel because otherwise I’ll sadly drop this series, as much as I don’t want to.

  • Wow that took a sudden turn, now the novel title makes more sense.

    • Indeed.

      I do think this LN is the opposite to the general plot-progression of other LN;
      The plot is progressing at a slow-burn, but there is a lack of pure filler. Instead, characters doing things and themes/people coming up three volumes later fit in well and contribute to the story and plot.

      The opposite is a LN telling the entire story in the first Volume (E.g. “MC gets evicted, end off Vol 1 MC is the reigning king” and the rest of the story is mid-life progression and romcom.
      I am not saying that is bad, it all depends on the writing.

      And this LN has a much, much slower burn that keeps actually progressing and maybe develop characters a lot more and help with immersion.
      The progression at the end of Vol 6 is a full spoiler, and i am quite interested in how things work out.

  • Vol 6 goes hard

  • How sad the ending of volume 6….

  • can i get volume 7

  • I do love weddings. – vol6

  • Vol 6 when plz?

  • It’s an ok read, plenty of worn out tropes in the sense that there’s a tsundere princess, a best friend who turns out to be a girl, a rival who’s an absolute meathead, an ever growing harem and for some reason (even though there is no magic in this world) MC is still OP mostly because of his access to knowledge from his previous life.
    Also the tile seems to be very unfitting because so far the dude hasn’t conquered anything at all.

  • cuando sale el vol 6

  • A good light novel though a bit rough at times; that’s the best way to describe this LN. It will be interesting to see how the decision not to delve into fantasy will affect progression.

  • just finished vol 5 and it’s fantastic just like the last volume. things started picking up after my last comment on vol 2 and the story is progressing nicely. You can see the characters and their relationship with each other growing, even the actions scenes feels well written for me. the story is still interesting to me, the writing is easy to read, and you can feel the world slowly expanding bit by bit as the series goes on. one of my favourite series at this point in time and not to mention of the, love the illustrations by toi8.

    • I like how Yuri is getting committed on things and aren’t simply running all the time, I know he had a trauma of having his research stolen right under him, but he should learn to trust the people he loves more.

  • Best light novel I found in a while. It hasn’t even started with the Conquering and you already know the story is going to be good, the narrative, the passing and the way the history is told is just perfect.

  • I was caught off guard reading the “books” of Pina Colata.

  • just finished volume 2, and it feels more slice of life this time round elements this time round. a bit of world building, a bit more of the character’s background was revealed which helps to explain some things… but probably more of relationship building between existing characters along with some new characters in this volume. Still enjoy that aspect for sure, and interesting to see the characters’ interaction with each other, while bits and pieces of the underlying plot gets hinted every once in a while. I usually don’t notice tags as much, but partway into volume 2 I had to actually check it had the slice of life tag or not since volume 1 didn’t feel that “SoL” and felt more fantasy to me still. Anyway, still a pretty fun read overall (just maybe not as “impactful” as the first one), and looking forward to future volumes!

  • A really good start with foreshadowing for a great story.
    Can’t wait for the next vol.
    My only gripe is with the potential incest…

  • also, forgot to mention that I really like the illustration style here. Same illustrator as “My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer”, which is also a novel i enjoyed reading.

  • Generally a good read, I’ll give it a 6.2/10. I’m disappointed about a few things though.

    First of all no magic. We pretty much have a fantasy world but without magic. It’s still interesting because it seems to be earth in a distant future possibly after some disaster as Denmark is missing from the maps. And we seem to have a situation of humanity having been split into “different” races somewhat similar to the situation after 300,000y or so in “the time machine” (at least they had a branch that developed psychic abilities that’s magic adjacent).

    Another disappointing thing is; no mention whatsoever of parachutes. We have bird riders/pilots which is made clear to be plenty dangerous but the guy with his “old earth” knowledge doesn’t even have the idea to keep a lookout for fabric that could be suited for such an application.

    There is also the part that Anon called an info dump. I don’t really have a problem with that as being an info dump situation although it’s unlikely that someone would remember earth stuff so detailed.

    I do have a problem with the smallpox debacle especially following this part:
    Their geocentrism is surprisingly well thought-out.
    “I suppose it’s like they say: if the only tool you have is a hammer,
    everything looks like a nail,” I said.
    “What do you mean? Is that a proverb or something?”
    “That’s right.”
    “I’ve never heard it before. But yes, you’re right—faulty reasoning
    can just be covered up with more reasoning, and then you can force
    your model to work on anything by inserting more coefficients.”

    After that he applies a boatload of faulty reasoning in the “smallpox outbreak”. He actually went ahead and followed an incredibly bad example of Edward Jenner (who bought his medical degree) who used the puss from diseased cow udders to rub into wounds of healthy people. Wounds that weren’t there before the procedure no less. And then claiming that preposterous act will prevent you from getting sick. All based om some a superstition amongst dairymaids. The only thing really achieved was a means of causing blood poisoning.

    You would expect a shut in to have spent plenty of time looking into things/find out truths “normies” don’t have the time for. Like for instance the Rosenau experiment. Or if we stick to the history of smallpox he could have come across things like:

    William White in The Story of a Great Delusion,
    “Cows in Gloucestershire were milked by men as well as by women; and men would sometimes milk cows with hands foul from dressing the heels of horses afflicted with what was called grease. With this grease they infected the cows, and the pox which followed was pronounced by Jenner to have all the virtue against smallpox which the dairymaids claimed for cowpox.”

    Herbert Shelton who, with reference to the smallpox vaccine, states in Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Life that,
    “In addition to being a failure as a preventive, the vaccine produces a whole train of evil side effects and iatrogenic diseases.”

    Dr Charles Creighton MD, another qualified English physician, was so highly regarded by the medical establishment that in 1884 he was asked to write the vaccination entry for the ninth edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. At the time he was fully supportive of vaccination; but, before writing the required text, he decided to investigate the subject thoroughly. The result of his investigation is explained by Eleanor McBean PhD ND in her book, The Poisoned Needle,
    “He agreed to do so, but instead of contenting himself with the usual stock statements he went right back to Jenner’s own writings and to contemporary documents. He searched the pro- and anti-vaccination literature of many countries and came to the conclusion that vaccination is a ‘grotesque superstition’.”

    Cleveland, Ohio as explained by Dr John Hodge, who wrote in 1902 that,
    “To Dr Friedrich, in charge of the Health Board of Cleveland, Ohio, is due the credit of furnishing the civilized world with an example of a large city being absolutely free from smallpox, and it would be well to note that one of the first means that he adopted in producing this result was to abolish vaccination absolutely.”

    Lily Loat, secretary of the National Anti-Vaccination League of Great Britain, in her 1951 book entitled The Truth About Vaccinations and Immunization,
    “The town of Leicester rejected vaccination in favour of sanitation.
    Her experience during the past fifty years makes nonsense of the
    claims of the pro-vaccinists. When her population was thoroughly
    vaccinated she suffered severely from smallpox. As vaccination
    declined to one percent of the infants born, smallpox disappeared

    Etc. etc. etc.

    It’s so disappointing to find such misconceptions broad down on the population of a fantasy world who ironically actually already had it pretty much right to begin with.
    “They thought that illnesses could be caused by poison rising up from cursed ground.”
    (well it doesn’t necessarily have to rise up from the “cursed” ground but that poison part certainly is right, the cursed part could very wel simply refer to area’s known to cause disease like mines which can contain all kinds of poisonous material)

    It would have been so much better if the guy would have investigated possible causes like what have the diseased in common as in where have they been etc. And then prevented people from further exposure.

    I’m glad so far that whole thing was just something of a side note but I fear it’s escalate later on in some way or other.

    • Completely agree. I remember my parents made sure I get smallpox as a child so I have immunity.
      I didn’t like the smallpox side-story and the implied cousin incest, other than that it’s a great story so far.

  • good read. while a lot of the tropes are very common, the characters are interesting enough that I want to see how things go on and how their relationship develops. gives me a bit of hell mode, mushoku tensei vibe. a solid first volume. hopefully future volumes will be just as good if not better.

  • I liked this one. The info dump about astronomy was interesting and important to determine that the world in witch the mc is is probably Earth. The info dumps about Math, while not all that interesting for people who dislike math was cool imo, because I like math and it gives a sense in what level Sham is a genius. It is not a hard proof, that of the primes, but it is something that a only a prodigy would grasp at 6 years old, but not something totally outlandish. That part makes it very clear that while the mc seems to have some improved cognition, with his new body, is not as smart as Sham.

  • Generic isekai without magic, grinding exp or monster hunter. The real enemy is human
    Still enjoyable read

    • You make it sound like without those thing this will be boring, on the contrary the things you just mentioned is what makes an Isekai generic, but whatever.

  • The world building is great and I like the story so far. But there’s this girl Sham whom, whenever she had a conversation with protagonist it always ended up with info dumping section with the protag boasted his earth knowledge which mostly feels unnecessary long and boring. Cant they have normal, lengthly, conversation whithout involving info dumps, Geez! I already marked this girl as Ms. Info Dump Trigger in my mind so I can plan when to skip if she triggered the info dump. Also, there was a chapter involving creating vaccine for a plague, I totally skipped it and sure enough it had no effect whatsoever on the story so far (either it was a random filler or it will be used for the plot later). Other than those two annoying factors, it was an enjoyable read.

    • It’s pretty good, but the vol 1 is basically an “intro” into the history which is full of fillers and slice of life.

      It’s basically “Fushi no Kami – Rebuilding Civilization Starts With a Village” but with more twists and some own stuff thrown in (I’ll not say it for spoilers)

      About the vacine, yes it will have a plot relevance later but it’s not something amazing.

      Id say it’s a step above the more popular novels like Cooking with Wild Game, Monster Tamer or How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom.

      But it’s probably not above Ascendance of a Bookworm and Seirei Gensouki (Even if they are much more Slife of Life they are much better written for me)

    • Chapter about the plague is “why is this even in this?” it doesn’t end with a conclusion at all, I could understand if it was relation building with the people he would rule over one day but it doesn’t explain any of that at all and just moves along like … and 3 years later.

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