The Kept Man of the Princess Knight

HE’LL PROTECT HER SECRETS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY… The Dungeon City is a wicked place filled with crime, debauchery, and death. Its one shining light is Arwin, the beautiful Crimson Princess Knight. She and her brave party of adventurers descend into the dungeon at the city’s center, seeking a legendary treasure with the power to rebuild the princess’s fallen kingdom. Many yearn to be by her side, but that spot is already taken by Matthew, a man despised by all in town as a cowardly weakling. Everyone thinks he is scum who just spends her hard-earned money on booze, women, and gambling. No one in the city—not even the princess knight— knows what Matthew is truly capable of.

Genre –
Fantasy, Sci-fi

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1 epub/pdf
Latest Update: Vol 1

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Comments 14

  • This is good but should have been a manga rather than a light novel

  • Haven’t even read it yet and the comments are pretty diverse in opinions

  • This is a good one. Dark, heavy. Don’t come into this expecting a good guy as the mc. Pretty much most of the character here are heavily flawed. Including even the princess knight. A problematic people live in a problematic place.

  • Very dark, especially some moments near the end. Not really any happy people in this one. Just a heads-up for anyone who expects any lightheartedness out of this.

  • gave up on this 15% in, so take with grain of salt since it might get better or might not. the main reason is that I simply couldn’t care less about either the “kept man” or the “princess knight” which barely had any scenes. some might like this more “unique” take, or the grittier setting, but personally if I don’t like and don’t care about the characters, don’t find them interesting, why would I care about what happens to them or what their backstory is? so lost interest in this almost immediately.

  • Can’t stand it, it’s like the author really want us to hate this guy in the first chapters but I find it boring how hard he tries.

    • Just sayin, this is not a novel about good guy doing good stuff. Later on you’ll find even the princess knight is problematic.

      • Yep, and that what makes this novel awesome to read!

      • It’s boring as hell trash character with boring story structure who read this stuff?

      • Well is not like I was expecting a good guy or anything, is more like he tries really really hard to sell the guy as an “amoral” character on the first chapter, I mean is OK and a really good plot point not really exploited in the genre, but he can make it less obvious introducing his “problems” as the story progress but no, he needs to shove it all in the first chapter forcing events that really didn’t matter to the story at all, in conclusion trash writing.

        PS: I am not bashing the characters, I am talking about lousy writing.

  • A novel set in a problematic setting filled with problematic people. A bit dark. But oh man, this is good. The mc shouldn’t be likeable, and he isn’t. The heroine is also as problematic. The city kind of hold it’s grasp over people. Drug abuse, prostitution, a bit of trafficking, toxic relationship, etc. This is unexpectedly dark.

  • Another novel with an actual title, will give this one a read

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