Reincarnated as an Apple: This Forbidden Fruit Is Forever Unblemished!

My name is Daisuke Furutsu, and I died getting hit by a truck full of apples. Yes, I know it’s a cliché setup. Apparently somebody upstairs fell asleep on the job. Anyway, as an apology, God lets me draw five Cards of Fate that are supposed to grant me superpowers in my next life. My first four draws are amazing—stuff like magic and an infinite inventory. But everything changes with the fifth card: a “curse” that turns me into whatever killed me. I thought I was gonna end up a truck, but now I’m an apple!

Luckily, I’ve made a friend who can teach me how to move around. I also end up saving a wannabe adventurer who just might be willing to take me along for the ride. Time for this overpowered apple to get rollin’!

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

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Comments 21

  • Surprisingly enjoyable series, this apple definitely wasn’t found at the bottom of the barrel. Hope there is a volume 3 in the future.

  • An Apple? What is this? An ever regenerating magical apple?

  • These isekai trend getting out of hand, I wonder if one day I’d see one with reincarnated as condom as the title.

  • Volume 2 was meh, and the party is a bunch of moralfags who don’t like killing evil people, so I’m dropping this.

  • Every isekai protagonist gets a human for just don’t expect anything until about volume 3 I do wonder when the vending machine will get his human form as well

    • @AnimeOverlord856 Spoiler

      The vending machine isekai I think it was at the end of the story that he gets to turn into human and he can only maintain it for 30 mins I think or was it two hours forgot its was at the end of the Webnovel

  • got baited by the title, but not even mad. surprisingly fun read. some minor hints sprinkled throughout volume one that might make for interesting developments in the future too for both the characters and the world. not as brain dead as some isekai i’ve read at least, and will give the next volume a shot whenever it comes out for sure.

  • Is this. . . have we. . . have we reached peak “reincarnated as…”?

    • Have you read reincarnated as a virus or reincarnated as a vending machine?

    • Don’t count on it. There’s an entire society that hasn’t gotten tired of the reincarnation shtick in 4000 years.

      I’m just waiting for Chuck Tingle to start writing isekai, that’s when this will genre will really take off.

  • A surprisingly funny read.

    • How the f**k did it even get serialised. Who brain-dead editorial team approved this and why TF j novels are translating it why WHY???!!!!!!!! THERE A LOT OF GOOD NOVELS TRANSLATE THEM NOT THIS TRASH!!!!!!

      • @Kotaotaku,

        Bro, calm down. If you want to complain do that at their official website as a proper paying member. BESIDES. They even translate Unlimited Gacha, which by far one of most cliche, most boring, most unispiring LN. So pretty much anything goes.

        Remember that most of isekais are trash. But even they got their own audiences. The ones that pay. The number speaks.

  • What the actual fuck, what am i supposed to say when normies ask ”whatcha readin?” help me out here a little japan

  • His name is furutsu thats japanglish for “fruits”, that’s cute

  • I’ll assume he’ll have humanoid form later to feel his harem.

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