RVing My Way into Exile with My Beloved Cat – This Villainess Is Trippin’

When a video game-loving office worker reincarnates as Mizarie Kraphtia, the villainess of an otome game, she’s determined to have a better life than the original character. Yet despite her best efforts, the game self-corrects and leads Mizarie to an ending where she’s sentenced to exile—just what she was hoping to avoid. There’s a twist, however: She had no idea her game-breaking skill could summon a…modern RV?!

Mizarie now decides to make the most of her exile and sets out on a journey with her beloved cat, Ohagi. Not only does she get to drive around the world, but she gains experience as she goes, unlocking convenient features like a bathroom, kitchen, and more for her RV! Lighting campfires and cooking outdoors like she always dreamed of doing in her last life, Mizarie takes her time exploring this new fantastical setting with her adorable feline travel companion. Her storyline in the otome game may be over, but her leisurely vacation in exile is just getting started!

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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  • Read Vol. 1. Too much cooking and playing with the cat. Yeah, I know the cat is cute, you don’t have to remind me every five pages.

    Even the RV layout graphics every few levels become annoying since not much is changing and real RV’s look way different, because in reality they are much smaller so a bed or table and benches take way more space. (And that has nothing to do with the extended space later on thanks to space magic).

    It’s for the most part so boring it get’s exhausting. Everything that is not realated to cooking, driving, shopping or playing with the cat is quite enjoyable slice of life and there’s even a little action, after the FMC becomes an adventurer. Sadly that’s less then 20 percent of the book. I guess it was enough to get me through this thing, however it was hard work, I almost threw in the towel a few times or wanted to skip things.
    Oh, one positive aspect, the writing and editing are decent. Too many novels out there, who just copy the webnovel without correcting spelling mistakes and other flaws.

    The premise is, that in vol. 2 they will start dungeon diving. I’m tempted to give this another chance but that will be the last one.

  • Thanks, was at 25% and wasn’t interested anymore but to continued hoping the story will develop. Guess not.

  • In contrast to the above review;

    Read up to Vol 1

    Its a comfy, friendly story with some tropes and a slightly inspired mix between stuff like “level 99 villainess” and “Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill” in regards to how serious/casual the writing and plot is, and how “epic” the story is not.

    Its comfy isekai fantasy slice of life, not pretending to be deep with background plots and sub-plots of stupidity.
    Its just a nice, good read so far.

  • well, can’t say i wasn’t expecting it when i read the title, but it’s a clickbaity title aimed to draw ppl in with a unique “quirk”, but that’s all volume 1 offers. FMC has the ability to summon a modern RV in an isekai fantasy world, and that’s all the story is about. no bigger underlying plot, or what. it’s a pretty boring read for the most part since majority of the volume is describing her “RV” journey and cooking, and there is absolutely no development of build up that makes the readers even remotely care about her, let alone reading pages of her cooking. the 2 paragraph in the summary pretty much tells you 90% of the story.

  • 40% cooking and eating
    20% playing with the cat
    5% apologizing to the cat
    20% using the car
    15% actual story

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