Magisterus Bad Trip

The story takes place in the near future. Money (Game) Master is the world’s biggest VR online game. It is an open world game with no levels and no quests, the only goal for players (known as Dealers) is to make money. All sorts of illegal actions like violence and theft are allowed in the pursuit of Snow, the game’s virtual currency. Due to the game’s massive popularity, Snow has a significant influence in the real world, thus making the game’s conflicts part of the global economy. Each Dealer is partnered with a Magisterus, a female support AI modelled after a supernatural creature, which acts as their guide and support.

Kaname Suou, the main protagonist is a famous Dealer, with a succubus-type Magisterus is called Tselika. Formerly part of a famous team known as Called Game, Kaname undertakes a mission involving the Inheritance, a set of cheat weapons created by a Dealer known as Criminal AO that can break the game’s balance, and with it, the world’s economy.

Action, Ecchi, Fantasy

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 3 (official)

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  • Isn’t this just that C power of money control responsibility something anime?

  • Just read the synopsis, but how am I supposed to believe that a ‘game’ where all ncp are female (or all compagnon, rather) would be sooo popular that it has major impact on real world ECONOMY (not just pop culture, like Minecraft can have for instance)
    If someone read it, is there female players in it ? Or is everyone male player with female ai assistant ?
    If female players, are they limited to female assistant too ?

    iirc, in Control: possibility, there was at least male and female characters, both as ‘masters’ and assistant…

  • Anyone else is reminded of that anime called [C] Control: Money of Soul and Possibility?

  • Anyone else get redirected to a wordpress website about CRM or something and NEVER gets a link???

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