Private Tutor to the Duke’s Daughter

After failing the final exam for his dream job at the royal court, promising young sorcerer Allen wants nothing more than to retreat to a simple life in the countryside. Unfortunately for him, he can’t even afford the train fare! His only solution is to get a job, but his one lead is anything but modest—Duke Howard, one of the kingdom’s most powerful nobles, needs a private tutor for his daughter Tina.

Despite her academic brilliance, Tina is incapable of casting even a single spell. To make matters worse, entrance exams for the prestigious Royal Academy are fast approaching, and magical aptitude is mandatory! Can Allen use his unique brand of spellcasting to help Tina overcome her magical impairment, a mystery that not even the kingdom’s finest sorcerers have been able to solve? And does her father, the duke, even want him to?

Associated Names –
Koujo Denka no Kateikyoushi

Genre –
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen

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Official J-Novel Club

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Latest Update: Vol 11

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Comments 21

  • Volume 12 please

  • vol 8 plzzzzzzzzzz
    the end of ovl 7 kinda left unfinished things T.T

  • volume 8 please 🙏❤️

  • As of March 6, 2023 this is the last title with updated PDF files.

  • The main love interest Lydia is an op, overbearing, spoilt, tsundere, more tsun than dere tho, not really my cup of tea, as of volume 3 she hasn’t changed much, MC is a real wimp when it comes to dealing with her too, it has a harem tag but the rivals are little girls like 12-13 years olds they’re really going nowhere or at least I hope so.

    MC and Lydia are both 16 so it’s not ethically prohibitive but… not sure why everyone has to be so young, to be blunt I think it’s the author’s preference

  • Somehow the synopsis reminded me Elf no Kuni but that one was 18+ with manga adaptation for curious ones. Of course there have many other similar themed novels.

  • The MC is not a dense MF. He is way, overbearingly, too modest and has a very low self-evaluation.
    Despite being able to fight/keep up with the most overpowered people in the novel, the MC keeps thinking of himself as “mediocre”.
    Its somewhat annoying, since the “too modest to recognize being too modest” trope is becoming somewhat of a bore in a few LN im reading.

    Loli?Orgy/Harem stuff?
    The MC is practically betrothed to a same-age girl from the start.
    He is acting as a tutor/secret-problem-solver for the younger daughters of nobility, though.
    Who vie for the MC´s attention and headpats, going into “cute first love” territory.

    There is no fucking love interest going on, the MC and everyone around him do recognize him being close with the mentioned same-age girl.

    There is a bit of tsundere and other -dere tropes in the girls, but its never implied that the MC has actual interest in the younger girls.

    The things about “being able to feel a softer cushion” when hugged and similar tropes play out in more than a dozen other LN, and the girls there look underage despite allegedly being 16+ or something.

    I, as usual, do not get the commenters being in a circle-cycle about “LOLI IN HERE BAD!”.

    Read the first two volumes, get a grip for yourself.

    • Bruh, this LN has harem in its genre list. What that means is that some of the underaged female characters are basically sexualized in a way. And MC being a wimp and not accepting him being strong is totally a turn off for most of the readers. And if you did like this novel, good for you. But for most people, the comments saved them their time from reading something that can even considered to be a trash novel with a wimpy MC. Another disadvantage I noticed is that the MC literally has too many connections with nobles and high ranking characters despite him being a commoner and super modest about his strength.

      And I can’t imagine finishing even 1 volume of this novel. Don’t know what kind of mental torture you have to go through to finish 2 volumes. Since you like this novel, maybe you might like “I kept Pressing the 100-million-Year Button and Came out on Top”. The MC is really similar to this one, underestimates his own abilities and still stays as a wimp.

      • what saved me from not reading this novel, is not only from all that, but also from its illustrations. tell me exactly how must I feel when the first volume has a kissing illustration with a loli?
        “and if you did like this novel, good for you.” I agree with that, anyone who likes this novel must be having it great. I, for one, dont really get the charm of a loli.

  • Strong MC that has a superpower that works exclusively on girls and got no confidence in his skills… Sure feels like I’ve seen it somewhere, just can’t remember where exactly.

    This one is unexpectedly okay (read, has one redeeming quality among the usual swarm of trashy clichees) though. Author can actually write good (read, present text that is (almost) clean of cringeworthy shit and doesn’t make you want to break your table with your face) and
    Oops. Seems that’s all.
    My (limited) condolences to the childhood friend who, it seems, is on the way to get cucked for the titular heroine.

  • Despite people shitting on this because of loli and generic MC, this one is pretty decent. Kinda reminds me of Black Iron Magician but with lolis. The story and characters are not perfect and can never be a masterpiece, but this is at least much better than most of those isekai stories with naive MC who spouts shitty lines everytime or those who acts like chuuni and badass wannabe. I just hope the author won’t go too far with harem and choose an ending with Lydia. The MC also kinda reminds me of Oliver from Seven Spellblade a bit.

  • Death March doesn’t deserve to be compared to this. MC in Death March positions himself as the guardian of his group, and the people he sees as love interests are all his relative age or older. I honestly had to stop reading Private Tutor because MC was just plain cringey and creepy with his ignoring of boundaries to the point of acknowledging being a creep but continuing doing so anyway. It’s a poor excuse even for lowbrow comedy.

  • yep, this is one hell of an **GY lolicon party themed novel ‘-‘) ….

  • Well, there are plenty of this theme, one good example is goblin slayer

  • this is a pedo’s wet dream, read at your own peril

  • Damn… The cover sure is a bait. The story is as generic as it can get. Beta MC (has no confidence whatsoever but can fight with some of the strongest in the kingdom), his “harem” is just filled with little girls (just like death march), and other generic things like him being connected to all the important nobles despite being a commoner. Read this novel if you don’t mind the things that I’ve mentioned above.

  • oooh, first time downloading from dropbox

  • Oh wow. A non-isekai fantasy. Seems Neat. Also, I AM THE FIRST COMMENT. BOW BEFORE ME…!

    • there’s a number of em recently, King of the dead at the dark palace is another, kinda feels good to have non-game fantasy stories (or at least, non-visible to the reader and character Trpg elements) finally gain traction again.

      • Ohh that series was kinda decent and has some potential even if the mc is kinda cringe he’s at least better then most cuck type mcs, at least he has a goal and some guts, too bad it just disappeared after the first volume.

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