Survival Strategies of a Corrupt Aristocrat

While playing games after my wife betrayed me, I suddenly died and woke up as Jack Girard, the protagonist of the fangame Survival Strategies of a Corrupt Aristocrat. Unfortunately, Jack has it even worse than I do. Between his parents trying to assassinate him, the betrayal of his personal maid and the house’s butler, and a host of other horrors, his life—now my life—is one treacherous twist after another. However, with the help of Adele, the strongest supporting character of the game, and my foreknowledge of said twists, I’m determined to overcome it all and live in the lap of luxury!

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  • Volume 2.. FiNALLY!

  • pretty nice read. doesn’t take itself too seriously, story progresses at a good pace with little to no lull, interesting enough plot even from the first episode. reminds me of Reborn as a Space Mercenary. if you like that, this is probably worth a try too.

  • >Please disable Adblock to proceed to the destination page.

    Haha. No.

    • Lol
      I already on MEGA where I can download it, but it’s progress not moved
      Fixed by turn off and on wifi

    • Just in case. use ublock and do your own custom filter if you’re good with codes. it didn’t take that much. the people who’s doing these websites are not very much skilled in blocking the adblocker. so their codes came out like spaghetti and sometimes. is easily breachable and alterable just by using one or two lines. I’d like to share my lines I did, but I’m afraid that might be used against us instead.

    • I’m just waiting for FastForward to finally fix itself.

  • I can’t download the epub from MEGA
    The progress (%) doesn’t increase at all
    I tried another novel, it worked
    Only this one is error

  • This series is sooo goo~d. though that red girl on the cover gets real annoying fast. I suggest you to mute your brain when its her turn speaking.

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