Enough with This Slow Life! I Was Reincarnated as a High Elf and Now I’m Bored

Life in the Great Pulha Woodlands is the very definition of stillness and tranquility—and Acer’s had enough of it!
That’s right. Acer isn’t quite like the other high elves of the forest. For starters, he remembers living a past life as a human in another world…meaning he’s got a taste for meat, adventure, and plenty of other decidedly un-elven things! He’s also bored out of his skull after 120 years of the peace and quiet of their serene sylvan lifestyle. So with nothing more than his trusty bow, a bundle of life-giving fruit, and his close bond with the spirits of nature, Acer leaves the monotony of the forest behind to seek a new life, one that’s more his pace. See what excitement awaits in the outside world full of humans, dwarves, and even other elves!

Associated Names –
I Was Reincarnated and Became a High Elf, but I Got Tired of the Slow Life After 120 Years
Growing Tired of the Lazy High Elf Life After 120 Years
I Was Reborn and Became a High Elf, but I Got Tired of My Slow Life after 120 Years
Tensei shite hai erufu ni narimashitaga , surō raifu wa ichi ni zero nen de akimashita

Genre –
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

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Comments 15

  • The pacing is a little bit too fast in the first volume, but once you get used to it I think this is a really good series. The worldbuilding is solid, and while the characters are not the best I think the story is really interesting.

  • It is a good story, for you lot who complained about time skip, try to see in MC’s perspective.
    HE IS A DAMNED ELF! Even a hundred years feels like yesterday to him!
    In other words, many human characters will die!
    It is a story about an elf life! Of course it feels like a chronicle!

    To you future readers, don’t let the previous comments set the prejudice for you, read a volume or two and decide by yourself.

    If you like Making Magic, you would like this too!

    • But that’s kinda like the problem. The MC elf is a rather boring character himself. Anything interesting is due to him interacting with others. But yes, they all die of old age after a volume or two. So there is no one to get really invested in as a reader.

      Despite that I kinda enjoy it, however there currently are better novels out there.

    • Can only second this.

      Read Vol 1 and maybe Vol 2 before judging.

      If you like decent enough characters, a reincarnated MC actually acting like the different species he reincarnated as, as well as a lot of slice of life (of the journey life) with added joy of parting from background characters, this is a 8 out of 10.

      No idea and no interest to read up the WN or anything, this review is just for the LN.

  • I sorta dropped it when the MC is about to go to Dwarf Kingdom. To be honest the story is good, but the pacing and time skip is horrible. I dont mind having time skip but I cannot believe the author skipped a lot of important plot points, such as the consequence of MC’s eartquake on the mind of people, and the death of Keeha’s mom they were sidelined despite their importance.

    And my biggest complain was about Kaeha. The truth of Kaeha’s situation was shocking but it lacked impact due to lack of build up. If she really liked the MC the author should try to show it to us, but she barely had any dialogue on vol 2, how should we even know when she barely ever exist? The only knowledge about her we had is only from vol 1, on vol 2 she is just a ghost member of a character. Her story could end up leaving us with pretty messed up lasting emotion and some potential trauma, but it only left me a little disturbed because of the writing is simply lacking.

    All in all, great potential but all wasted on bad writing and horrible pacing that left you quite unsatisfied. Slower pacing that focused more on character moments and subtleties is what this series desperately need.

  • The manga’s better imo, the pacing is better and it develops the characters more.

  • Yea the timeframe is a bit off, nothing wrong with that but the way it’s written makes it feel like a a chronicles or anthology of someone’s long life especially when the author timeskips

  • It’s actually a tragedy. The elf girl on the right in the future will

    • Will what in the future?

    • [Spoiler]

      Will die. Or rather, the WN was completed sometime ago, and both Irene (the elf girl’s name in the WN) and Acer have passed away. Irene died and was buried on the island where she had been living for a long time, and Acer died in the High Elf forest where he was born. Acer turned into a spirit that dwells in metal (raw metal); he wanted someone, a blacksmith, to make him into a sword, then be found and wielded by a swordsman, then perhaps travel the world.


      I’m just trolling, actually; saying unfinished lines. There are actually no tragedy tags in this novel, just some very sad and unfortunate fates of a lot of people, maybe, so rest assured.

      • So is your spoiler tag true or just a troll? I thought the girl kaeha might reincarnate like hinted at,,I guess itd the very end. but not sure if the hint was manga and/light novel only…. The author tries to give kaeha a tragic story but it made no sense and seemed pulled outta thin air…. She was brave warrior and she was willing to have affairs with a man. Yet she never had the bravery to tell the MC i like you or chase after him? also the mom told the MC as deathbed wish and yet MC barely cares.

  • Gave this a read and what can I say, you get exactly what you’ve been expecting. In a good way.

    The protagonist is very straightforward and ‘My Pace’ kind of guy, he got a very cool head for an isekai protagonist which is okay considering his age.

    The world building are okay, but if you asked me what’s wrong. I can surely say that the lack of interaction between characters with the protagonists. In chapter 1 the protagonist and a dwarf blacksmith had some dialogue here and there. But the rest are explained by the protagonist monologue.

    Following that the chapter 2 interaction between characters is getting worse, but not that bad because it’s this kind of story where time moves so fast and that’s the premise of the whole story.

    My complaint is that the lack of interaction between characters and that’s it, the rest are okay. If you wanted to relax after reading your favorite Edgy and SERIOUS type LN and wanted to charge your serious bar. Then I recommend you this one.

    For me this story get about 7.8/10 (well for me anyway)

  • Read Vol 1

    Its a rather comfortable and decent read. Writing is decent, the MC is a decent representation of “High Elf with Memories of previous human life”.

    What that means is that the MC is reasonably high-powered(or better said, high-specced) and acts on his previous life´s memories in regards to interactions as well as actually learning and improving from the non-elf environments he is visiting.

    Timescales are kinda off from most other LN i read, with the main cycle being the daily life explained, some action happening, and “and that went on for X years”.

    There is decent dialogue and a pleasant lack of “follow this crafting/cooking recipie” word-count increasing addons, but there is also a non-subtle hint at foundations laid for future meetings, consequences and other fun interactions in following volumes.

    Decent. Comfy. Actual Elf character with reincarnated memories. Okay Worldbuilding.

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