The Sidekick Never Gets the Girl, Let Alone the Protag’s Sister!

Then: Kunugi Kou waged bloody warfare as a hero in another world. Now: He’s a perfectly average high-schooler with a perfectly exceptional best friend: Ayase Kaito. The living incarnation of every cheesy romcom protagonist ever written, Kaito’s charming personality and looks that could kill have earned himself the harem of quirky beauties that every protagonist deserves—and Kou is dead-set on supporting him from the shadows as the ultimate wingman extra! And it’s all going great—that is, until a wrench is thrown into the works in the form of another romcom staple: the protagonist’s little sister, Ayase Hikari, who meets Kou under the most outlandish of circumstances possible. Even worse, it kinda sorta just maybe seems like she might have a thing for him? Now it’s up to the world’s most “extra” extra to crawl his way back into the obscurity he longs for!

Associated Names
Shinyuu Mob no Ore ni Shujinkou no Imouto ga Horeru Wake ga Nai

Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Isekai

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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Comments 17

  • The reason I dropped this book at the beginning of volume 1:

    Some character: What is your name?
    Main character: Thinks FOR 3/4 OF A PAGE ABOUT NONSENSE STUFF about how he’s not the protagonist over and over and over before finally replying with
    My name is blahblah

    Wtf. PLEASE SIR. Please stop trying to be so edgy

  • I’m dead set on one ship, then I’m like front of the counter trying to buy ticket for the other ship

  • Really?… This only has 2 volumes? Aww… I think this one has a big potential. The plot is quite unique.

  • They drop it? Any information?

    • I checked up on MAL. Apparently these 2 volumes were released in 2019. And nothing’s been published ever since.
      I would give you the link but I’m not sure about comment rules.

  • Bruh it’s really just 2 volume huh

  • I read both the volumes and I laughed out loud multiple times over the course of them. It’s very slightly like Oregairu in the sense the protagonist goes on internal monologues all the time. But I had a fun time reading it. Would definitely recommend.

    It’s a shame though that only 2 LNs were published and then dropped I think. I would’ve loved to read more and see where things would go.

  • Hey, Can you post the Volume 2 Please?

  • Hey. When is 2nd Volume RIPs are coming out? Its been out fot a day IG.

  • I thought the volume 2 would be uploaded on September 13.🥲

  • Aww… no… I don’t like it… The title clearly shows that the best friend’s little sister is the main heroine. And here i am… falling for the side girl again… Also, why do all of the side girls here are good!? The main heroine is also good, but it’s my tendency to jump into sinking ships… The pain of reading a harem title… If only I can play it like a visual novel, I can pick the girl I like… The story itself is pretty good tho. The romcom is acceptable, and this one have a deep twist behind it. I really like the story!

  • His parents are dead so probably his father’s cousin provide funds for him

  • There are a lot of titles with this genre. With being the actual MC being a “support” character of his ikkemen best friend who he brands as the “protagonist”. And lately, the main heroine is the best friend’s little sister is kinda common. Not that I say it’s a bad thing tho. Using the same “blueprint” doesn’t mean it’s a straight-up carbon copy. Anyway, it’s time to read!

  • Well a review for me
    A returnee from isekai but with Scar and trauma (not general isekai where MC collect girls at drop a hat). He was used by the King and abducted his parents. Though he succeed come back,but he lost his precious friends. In that sense he was haunted (by some curse,saying he won’t be happy or something) and don’t give a damn about love. Heck he even erased a poor girl’s memories (he still has his power,smell like OP MC) but he is twisted tho.

    Story : 4/5,there are several plot holes,but since this is first volume,of course I can’t get the whole picture yet. The MC is so coward and it’s pissed me off. However this give me a quite fresh impression (quite rare genre) and I want to see how it’s end

    World building : 4/5
    He is a returnee,living alone and go to school and he doesn’t work so I wonder how he covers his expense. (His parents don’t show up except for little explanation).

    It’s quite good for a Romcom when you already fed up with generic genre.

  • Haven’t read it yet, but the sypnosis alone reminds me of “There’s no way a side character like me could be popular”

    Oh well, lessee lessee

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